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7.22.2009- New Dreamcast games in 2008-2009
1.15.2009- Little Ninja
9.20.2008- Space Channel 5: Part 2 - English Version
9.8.2008- PC-DC Server modem Update
8.5.2008- PSO Hunters License Server Down
8.2.2008- New Dreamcast Games


New Dreamcast games in 2008-2009

Isn't it amazing how things work out? In the year 2002 the Dreamcast headlines read. "DREAMCAST DEAD!" but year after year new software, homebrews, and emulations continue to appear for the Sega's last white hope. Its hasn't had an official Sega release in over two years. The last official game was Karous but since then worldwide Independent developers have discovered a soft spot for our little dream machine. On November 5, 2008 Wind and Water: Puzzle Battle was released for the Dreamcast. Developed by Yuan Works and published by Redspotgame, this puzzle game came out first for the GPX2 handheld and was later ported over to the Dreamcast with added content, options, and graphics. The story mode plays similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 but based around a puzzle system. The puzzle mechanics are very innovative and different from other puzzle games of our era. Instead of matching up blocks vertically or horizontally you have to match them up in a diamond pattern by what element they are, Water, Earth, Wind, fire, etc.
* *
Once you have 4 like elements they and whatever similar elements around them disintegrate. Which then awards you points! Some of the combos can be very fun to pull off. Combos such as chains, full, and dual come in handy to stop the press. The "Press" is what your fighting against in W&W. Its a large black waffle-like thing that pushes up from the bottom. One the press reaches the top you lose but you have numerous combo variations to push the press down so it will not menace you.
On the 15 June 2009, YET ANOTHER Independently produced Dreamcast game was released. This time from Hucast. Which is a German indie studio. DUX is a horizontal shooter which draws much of its inspiration from R-Type. The whole game is in full CGI graphics and the music is a cool techno melody. The game oozes futuristic space combat sci-fi action! There are 6 levels to the game all of which are very long and well done. Some have commented on the difficulty but once you get the hang of the soaking ability the game won't be overly difficult but it will still give you a challenge.

Both games are now bundled on Redspotgames.com or separately on Hucast.net and Play-Asia.com

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Article by: TheCoolinator


Details on upcoming game Little Ninja

Yesterday on the Dreamcast-Scene forums the creator and developer of the unofficial Dreamcast title Wind & Water: Puzzle Battle has announced some more intimate details on how the new game “Little Ninja” has been progressing.

YuanHao post

“Backgrounds and images are not quite yet finished, so we're only showing the parts that are (almost) complete. We'll be showing more and more graphical content as soon as we have a more complete map editor and we can start putting tiles

Well, back to work, the engine needs a bit more polishing!”

This title will be a traditional side-scroller that has taken a good amount of inspiration from early 2-D plat formers such as Ninja Gaiden and Strider. This title may look simple but the in depth game engine will allow the player to perform somersaults, slides, and even hang on walls. If that’s still not enough to grab your attention Little Ninja boasts a wonder natural environment that captures the look and feel of mountain streams, canyons, and clear blue skies.

So the real question is: Are you ready for Little Ninja? Well we have to wait and see. People over at the Dreamcast-Scene can’t get enough of the quality that YuanWorks has placed into their products and rightfully so. Traditional game development seems to be alive and well but will it come out for the Dreamcast console?

YuanHao has stated previously

“The game will run on Dreamcast, Don’t worry about it, the thing is will it be released on Dreamcast?”

As dubious as this statement may sound many believe the reason for it is that it may be tied to the sales figures of the Dreamcast version of Wind & Water: Puzzle battle. As of today Play-Asia.com has sold out of the title. With that in mind there may be hope for our little Ninja friend as well as for the decade old underdog console.

Dreamcast-Scene Forums
http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/communit ... sc&start=0

Yuan Works






Article by: TheCoolinator


Space Channel 5: Part 2 - English Version

In 2007, the Dreamcast homebrew community released an English language version of Space Channel 5: Part 2. This version was created by replacing the Japanese Dreamcast audio track of the game play with the audio track from the North American PS2 version. The movie/non-game play segments were captured from the North American PS2 version and aptly replaced the Japanese Dreamcast segments. One redeeming note is that the instructions during the first phase of game play refer to the PS2 controller. This is not even remotely a problem as long as you know how to play the Dreamcast version, however.

Before you download the game, you must have 7zip loaded. 7zip, for those who do not know, is another program like WinZip or WinRAR. It is freeware, so do not worry. There is also a PAL patch included for Europe DC fans. This must be ran prior to burning. Download it at the following:

The actual game play and load time is great even with the CD-ROM. It is self-booting, so no boot disc is required (i.e. no Utopia or other "help" needed). There seems to be no delay between the video and audio track. As stated before, the movie segments are not at the same graphic level as the original version being these were captures, not just an "audio replacement" as was done in the game play segments. Hey, it's not hideous or the end of the world, so every DC fan should be happy that someone did this.


PC-DC Server Modem Update

Major update regarding the Dreamcast 56k modem for use with the PC-DC server. Multiple revisions of the Dreamcast 56k modem were produced. Some models do not need a line voltage simulator, depending on the revision of the DC modem.

For North American Dreamcast modems, the revision 670-14140B modem requires a line voltage simulator, where-as the 670-14140A does not require one at all.

To determine what revision your modem is, look on the CAUTION sticker located on the silver inner side of the modem.


PSO Hunters Liscense Server Down

Sega again has dealt a mighty blow against those who supported it by removing access to the hunters license (HL). This is a quote from Schthack by Aleron Ives, administrator (below):

"USv1/EUv1/EUv2 are the only online-capable Dreamcast versions at this point. The Gamecube versions aren't affected though since Sega reduced the HL security for PSO GC."

This is another blow to the DC community by Sega. This affects the following Dreamcast PSO versions:




Well, I guess this is how little the Japanese giant, Sega, thinks of it's loyal supporters. Another sad day.

If an ISO (cdi) of PSOv1 NTSC/U, PSOv1 PAL or PSOv2 PAL becomes available, we will post it ASAP! Sega turned it's back on us, so we are on our own. Also, if there is a way to get the PSOv1 NTSC/U to work with the BBA, we will post it (yes, there are rumours on SHCTHACK as we speak).


New Dreamcast Games:

1. Elfen Lied - This game is based on the Japanese comic created by Lynn Okamoto, which later became an anime TV show. The main character is from a race known as diclonius, a mutation of the human being with horns, and their violent relationship with the rest of humanity. The TV show contains scenes of nudity and a generous dose of blood, gore and psychological violence with the typical cute Japanese humour and a love interest integrated within. As far as the game goes, it's a legit free BOR variant. Our staff was not successful at burning a copy of it as of yet, so we cannot comment about the game play or graphics.


2. Wind & Water : Puzzle Battles - Unlike the original GP2X version, there are added new features for the Dreamcast version, including the new Mr. VMU character, Danger Break system, faster/better gameplay, new difficulty levels, dual-language packaging and game software (English and Japanese), new ending, rebalanced 2-player battles, tons of new graphics, high-quality CD Soundtrack music with new songs, arcade stick support for the Dreamcast, and much more!

It reminds me of the Dreamcast Super Puzzle Fighter 2 game. I am happy to see there are still games out there being released. I do not believe it is a GD-ROM, so beware of the incompatibility issue with the last of the DC's produced.

This one you have to purchase (link below to check it out).


3. Counter-Strike - A tactical First Person Shooter which originated from Half-Life. This is the original game has been expanded into a series since its original release on Xbox. Counter-Strike pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds. Each round is won by either completing the mission objective or eliminating the opposing force.

The game is almost entirely based on the dynamically streamlined multiplayer experience activated via Steam, and is currently the most played Half-Life modification in terms of players, according to GameSpy (the @$%* guys who took UT away from us). The DC version does not have online support as of yet (it's up to Beta 1.5 at press time).

Counter-Strike was developed first as a Half-Life modification. Therefore named "Half-Life: Counter-Strike." The original version was a 3rd-party Half-Life modification, but since then it has grown into a commercial mod and later advertised as separate game in itself. It still uses and runs on the Half-Life game engine and is based on its unchanged structure. We are proud to have this game in our world mostly because it is one of the only post-DC ports that was originally released on the Xbox (released in 2004). We are aware that it was released for the PC years before the Xbox, but the Xbox is a sixth-generation game console, the PC is not.

Beta 1.3 link:


Beta 1.5link:

http://www.dcisozone.com/downloads.php?catid=4&page=2 http://www.csdcbrasil.xmb.com.br/

4. IntellivisionDC - Editor's choice Retro-game! This is not exactly the same as DC-Evolution's version - this one is fully functional. As a current owner of the Intellivision Game console with a load of cartridges, one of the "Intellivision Lives" for PC and one of the more recent "Intellivision Direct-to-TV" units. It's a pain to use my old museum console because it sometimes freezes up after a couple of hours. Playing it on the PC sucks, my favorite games I already bought are not present (All three Tron games, etc...). Astrosmash never looked and played better than the DC being the Direct-to-TV version sucks (awful sound and changed game play).



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