How to Top Stitch Like A Professional By Avoiding Mistakes

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How to Top Stitch Like A Professional By Avoiding Mistakes

Post#1 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:42 am

How to Top Stitch Like A Professional By Avoiding Mistakes

Pick any of your denim pieces of clothing and take a closer look at that. No matter what style it got or how trendy it is, you can always see the top-stitching as a necessary factor in it. Sewers who are just at the beginning level of their career must be wondering how they can be a pro at topstitching. For the fine quality stitching, first, you should have the best entry level sewing machine to get the desired results.

Secondly, you must focus on understanding the machine to make it work with your project. Without topstitching, you won’t be able to bring a professional look and clean quality to your project. Today we are going to guide you about some of the tips through which you can do topstitching like a pro. You can find the  Image best starter sewing machine at CraftsSelection to know more about which are the top sewing machines for beginners to buy and their functions.


Top stitching techniques

Needle and Thread:

Stitches can be stand out if you are using great quality needles even in the top-stitching. Needles for the top-stitching must be sharp from the edge to provide a crisp ending to the fabric. Needles used for the top-stitching are usually of larger eye size and it allows you to pass a heavy thread through it. Despite everything nice, don’t ever use a top-stitching needle on the knits as it is going make holes in the fabric.

Always match the weight of the thread with fabric to blend them really well with each other. If you are working on the medium weight fabric then use all-purpose thread for the top-stitching as well as the less heavy needle. It’s extremely important to analyze the tools and fabric you are working on before starting topstitching.

EdgeStitch Foot:

While you are all set for the top-stitching, the next step must be how to do straight stitching? If you are a newbie then you must understand how important it is to stitch a straight line. The edgestitch foot which is also known as the stitch in the ditch foot is one of the most important tools you must have in order to move forward and nailed the project successfully.

The centered guide of this footer is going to help you in sewing straight stitches and alignment will no longer be a problem for you. This thing is going to work perfectly when your needle is working left and right by keeping the center in the focus. This will help in creating the pockets, collars, and seams in one of the most perfect ways.

Longer Stitch Length:

No matter for what piece you are doing top stitching, the first requirement of the topstitching is cleanliness and how professionally you can define each of the stitches. If your topstitching is clean and you can see how every stitch is separate and secured into the fabric then this project is going to be a successful one for you and in the end, you are going to love this one for sure.

You can choose the stitch length from 2.5mm to 3.5mm from your sewing machine. The best thing what you can do to check which of the length is going to look amazing as top stitching, take a piece of denim and then try both of the lengths. I prefer to go for the 3.5mm as it can look cleaner and defined on the denim.

No to Back Stitching:

Sewing denim with best rated sewing machines for beginners Image for the first time can be challenging for you. First, you should have all the proper tools to make this project successful but there are few things to avoid, and backstitching is one of them. When it comes to denim then every stitch no matter if it comes from an ordinary machine or topstitching, will be visible on the garment.


How to sew top stitching on sewing machine

Backstitching is going to ruin the whole look of the denim and it will be obvious that at the back of the garment you have done something to hide the thread tails. If you are using a contrast thread then it’s big no, if you want to backstitch in the end then keep the stitch length short because then it will be less obvious and you can hide it.

Thread Tails:

To bring out professionalism in your work, you must know how to blend stitches with the fabric. The best way you can blend the stitches with the denim is to pull the tails of thread from the wrong side of the garment. If you will try to do this thing from the right side of the fabric then it will be hard to blend and you will end up lapping it one over another.

If you want to fix the topstitching errors then first pick the area and pull the thread from the wrong side of the fabric. Now start stitching from the last end and join them together. The stitches will be mixed and your garment will be ready in no time.

Presser Foot Leveling:

Another way to make sure that your stitches are at the right level is to make sure that the presser foot is at one level. If you ever go through the problem where the seam is not getting finishing and you can see how thread flow is not easy then you have to check the presser foot because the level must be too disturbing and you have to stick it at one level.

Before starting your topstitching, it’s extremely important to check the presser foot and try to move it according to the demand of the project. Presser foot can play an important in the evenness of the stitches.

Final Words

Topstitching may seem hard on the first attempt but once you are going to get indulge in the practice, this will be a fun project for you. You should read the Image Review Of Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Basic Sewing Machine For The Money for more relevant and useful information on the best sewing machine for beginners.
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Re: Need new info about bba

Post#2 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:44 pm

The last project I'm aware of to make a completely homebrew clone of an actual BBA has long since been defunct (like, for more than 10 years, probably).

If you're referring to something fairly recent, you might be referring to the board that allows you to wire up an Atomiswave communication cartridge to work as a BBA (since the hardware is identical other than the different form factor and connector). That is a completed project and you can buy the parts for it on ebay (link to the conversion board -- you'd still need to source an Atomiswave communication cartridge to use with this!). Alas, when it was announced/released, it caused the price of Atomiswave communication cartridges go way up, so it's not really even worth it all that much anymore, unless you can somehow source a cheap Atomiswave communication cartridge.

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