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Poll: Will SEGA go out of business?

Possibly and highly likely but still a chance they won't
Possibly however unlikely
They will live on through another company due to being bought out
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Re: State of Sega

Post#21 » Thu Jan 20, 2022 11:49 pm

They are slowly starting to make a come back. I think the game that will make or break them is VF6. VF5 FS made alot of their fanbase leave which was bad enough. And though VF5 US is a remake of VF5 FS, even on Maximillian Doods Yovideogames channel on twitch, when they were livestreaming VF5 US, there were people who said, that it will not bring back alot of their fanbase who left, because the newer updated game was based on Final Showdown. Hopefully Sega JP realises that, bring back all of the things they took out of FS, and make VF6 really good, to get back most of their fanbase again. It sucks to see how small the VF fanbase got, after the release of Final Showdown.

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Re: State of Sega

Post#22 » Fri Jan 28, 2022 5:11 am

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Re: State of Sega

Post#23 » Mon Jan 31, 2022 4:38 pm

Interesting to hear about the new Sega - Microsoft collaboration on a "super game".

The xbox continues to be an extremely tiny percentage of the Japanese game market. I think greater collaboration between sega and microsoft would be beneficial for both companies interests.

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Re: State of Sega

Post#24 » Tue Feb 01, 2022 2:20 am

Last I remember, SEGA is in one of the bet standings they have been in years. Us old school SEGA fanboys want them to revive dormant franchises and what not, but what they have right now makes money and is little risk. Sure I miss the wild west days of SEGA throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks and works, but that's also what almost destroyed the company.

There are lots of doom and gloom clickbait articles about how SEGA is closing up all their arcades across Japan, but that has been a long time coming for the industry itself, not just SEGA. Arcades have been on a death march for the last decade or so in Japan, and especially with Covid/the country being closed to tourists has only sped things up.

SEGA knows how to safely make money now, so I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.

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Re: State of Sega

Post#25 » Fri Feb 11, 2022 2:45 am

I do not think they are going anywhere. They are still earning a significant amount of revenue from different gaming series like Yakuza. They just need to be more creative and work on creating new trends.

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Re: State of Sega

Post#26 » Thu Feb 17, 2022 3:17 pm

Ian Micheal wrote:
Nico0020 wrote:SEGA is in the best shape they have been in since the Dreamcast failed. They still put out a rough game here and there, but their core franchises are strong. TBH, they are doing incredibly well as a 3rd party, especially considering where they came from post Genesis. Not to mention they are not just SEGA anymore and have some deeper pockets than most 3rd party companies in Japan from their arcade/pachinko business.

Compare SEGA to say Konami when it comes to making home console games, and its like two different worlds.

Your really said this best i agree 100% about them being in the best shape since the dreamcast..

I think you're right thank you so much, keep share with..

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Re: State of Sega

Post#27 » Thu Feb 17, 2022 3:43 pm

I doubt they'll go out of business, they are way too big to fail, they could be bought tho, that's more plausible, at least to me

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Re: State of Sega

Post#28 » Fri Feb 18, 2022 12:33 am

Ha, just realized I answered this question twice, but I stand by both statements. :D

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Re: State of Sega

Post#29 » Fri Feb 18, 2022 3:27 am

But is this what you think? Or what you want?

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Re: State of Sega

Post#30 » Mon Feb 28, 2022 8:38 am

Sega would be out of business if it didn't stop making consoles. The Saturn was a huge loss of money, and the DreamCast was a huge loss of money. They didn't have the money to fund another console, and if they took on additional debt to try again, it would have probably sank them before they got a chance...nulls brawl Download

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