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Re: Dreamcast Tutorial FAQ

Post#11 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:38 am

You are welcome rooster, glad it helped.

I updated tutorial to include this :

Here is how your 1gb sdcard and files should look on computer before you hook up to dc. Make just 2 folders A-M and N-Z that contain 7 games each. You shouldn't make 4 folders because dreamshell won't alphabetically organize them correctly on menu, so just make 2 folders as they will be organized as such. Again put 7 games in each of the 2 folders, any more won't be visible on generic 7 line menu of dreamshell rc1.


I can hold 14 sdisos on a 1gb sdcard. 7 games each, in 2 folders labeled A-M and N-Z. It's a good idea to make volumes of these if you have many sd cards. Because if you have 14 games or 10 or whatever and put a game not compatable on, it will mess up all games. Which you will have to reformat sd card. Then drag games that worked back on it. Which sucks. Or at least have a sdcard as a "test" sd card. Then add a game that you know works on your volumes of sd cards after you tested it.

I can actually fit 24 "games" on a 2gb card. The Dreamshell RC1 gray menu is generic so you can only see 7 spaces of title info (at bottom).

So what I do is I put 7 games in 2 folders. My 2 folders are labeled A-M and N-Z and displayed on bottom of menu. Then I click or double click a folder I want and scroll through those 7 games I want to select. Hope I explained that right.

When you insert dreamshell rc1 in dc (check what version dreamshell you have, some retail sdiso and homebrews will only work with new or old versions of dreamshell) with sd card hooked up, I'll see 2 folders with 7 games in them each (because as I said ds menu is generic and shows only 7 lines).

I have many "volumes" of sdcards set up that way.

My sdiso games range on 1 sd card are entire "SDNESNester" to "NeoGeoFatalFury" to "Toyko Extreme Racer" to "NEOGEOBowling" to "DCMasterSystemEmu" to "BeatsofRage".
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How to find Great deals on shopping.

Post#12 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:44 pm

1. Search for a thing where you think is rare, maybe you find one. Example
2. Do not only search on ebay, you can find Brand New Dreamcast on Amazon.
3. Look for shops, for example you can find Great DC shops on mine topic (There is Link on my signature)
4. Think before buying, do not spend alot of money on common stuff. Maybe later you find something cool and you can't buy it because you don't have money.

Sorry for bad English.
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Re: Dreamcast Tutorial FAQ

Post#13 » Fri May 10, 2013 7:17 am

Anthony817 wrote:Ok guys, I just wrote this up, please tell me if I need to correct any misspelled words or punctuation.

How to buy/build a Dreamcast Sandisk Adapter


Q.What is a Dreamcast SD card adapter, and what can you do with it?

A. The Sd card adapter is a device in which you can run specialy made SD ISO images of games, emulators, homebrew and apps over the Dreamshell Operating System. It works with standard Sandisk cards up to 8GB SDHC cards(TESTED), but theoreticaly supports up to 32GB SDHC cards(UNTESTED). You can even rip full GDRoms from your Dreamcast with this, much cheaper than buying a BBA.

Q. Where can I aquire these hard to find cards?

A. Currently, you can order them from China at a site that is a haven for selling DIY console hacks and mods called Tao Bao. These adapters are all made professionaly by hand, and are guarantied to be free of manufacturing defects.

Q. Ok, so how can I order them?

A. You must go through another site if you live outside China in the instructions below, but it is very easy to do so!

#1 Make sure you have a Paypal account first, as this is the method that they accept funds from.

#2 Go to this link and see the adapter: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7818275499

#3 Register with this English speaking site that deals directly with the Chinese site and then log in. http://buyfromtaobao.com/

#4 Now open this link and paste the Sandisk Adapter link from the #2 instruction into the field and add the item to cart. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7818275499

#5 Be sure to tell them the color you want, as they have Orange and Purple, and unless you specify what color you want, you could get either color.

# 6 You should now enter in any other information asked, and you should be done!

Thats it! They go for 40.00元(Yuan), roughly $5, after dealing with Buy from Tao Bao, mine was only $11.14 USD total with shipping/handling, and in the end they only charged me .50 cents US.

You should get your adapter in the mail in 2 to 8 weeks, depending on what shipping rates you choose.


Everything you need to know to build your own Dreamcast SD card reader to boot games and homebrew from the Dreamshell Operation System can be found here..

This is the go-to page for the Dreamcast SD card interface mod. I translated it with Google toolbar.
http://translate.googleusercontent.com/ ... Tvw#sdcard

Some things you\'ll need:
A resistor 470.
A capacitor 47 uf.
A capacitor 0.1 uf.
An LED (not mandatory).
An SD Card port.

I\'ll assume you know how to do advanced things like soldering and modding, so I\'ll leave you to your own devices. You should be able to get one built with all the info on that page, if not, you might want to swing by the SWAT forums and speak with the creator of Dreamshell, mister SWAT himself for a few pointers.



I hope I have provided you with everything you need to get your Dreamcast runing ISO's from an Sandisk Card. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

It works with recent Wi-Fi SD card?
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Re: Dreamcast Tutorial FAQ

Post#14 » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:41 am

Since this first item is a dead link in the main post.

DC Divx - Download and Tutorial:
http://www.tweeg.psoarchive.com/videos/ ... _divx.html

Dreamcast Game Collector Checklists
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