Retrobit sega partnership. New Dreamcast/ Sega hardware- peripherals.

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Re: Retrobit sega partnership. New Dreamcast/ Sega hardware- peripherals.

Post#71 » Mon May 14, 2018 8:30 am

Hopping on the changing the controller bandwagon. I highly doubt Retrobit will release now or in the future an updated controller, I'm sure they'll stick to the official Dreamcast mold with just slight modifications to make up for the missing cord.

That being said, I do think it's possible to make a controller with an actual working second analog stick. But this would need the work of a mastermind like Chris (DreamConn) basically making 1-controller that acts like two peripherals (So that would mean, two-dongles controller port 1 and controller port 2). This way the second analog-stick can be mapped as a mouse connected to port-2 as where the rest of the controller is either a remapped keyboard or stock controller.

Has anyone ever tried to see if the games with mouse support accept a stock controller in port 1 instead of a keyboard and a mouse in port 2? If this doesn't work, it means the controller needs to act as a keyboard to get this working.

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Re: Retrobit sega partnership. New Dreamcast/ Sega hardware- peripherals.

Post#72 » Mon May 14, 2018 7:04 pm

Still, just because you can't wrap your head around people wanting to use it for emulators doesn't mean people won't want to use them for that? I still wouldn't buy one either for that reason, but doesn't mean some don't want it? My PC gaming is done with mouse and keyboard or 360 wireless controller so I have no need for any wired controllers really.

I would buy a wired USB controller for emulators or also the wireless, but not a Dreamcast USB controller, so I guess I can also agree with and see what you mean there.

But yeah, the Bluetooth ones are definitely best used for Dreamcast as well instead of PC unless people just want the option just to have it.

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Re: Retrobit sega partnership. New Dreamcast/ Sega hardware- peripherals.

Post#73 » Mon May 14, 2018 9:18 pm

I get your point Tarnish - That indeed, since 1998, the technology has exploded, for the better of course. Why wouldn't it?

But if you think about it - Since 1998, what have changed the VERY least, especially in regards to the Dreamcast? Well, I think the DC represents the last huge leap in graphics and general gaming experiences, sharing the 1st place with the Xbox 360 in regards to graphical milestones some 6-7 years later. And to be honest, the Dreamcast controller is in my opinion what really has changed the very least over the 20 years it has been out there, comparing it to the standards of modern controllers. And yeah, as I said - development for the console as well as emulators is a huge part of why this is even a thing - the USB controllers that is. I don't see how one could possibly argue for the worse that it is even released. It's a VERY natural thing to do when development for the console is in such a great and popular phase. Games being released in 2018, I think that qualifies for a legendary gaming console and even a milestone in entertainment history - and that includes the controllers. Fine, it doesn't have shoulder buttons or 6 button fighting games layout etc, but it IS a great controller alround for all the creative and insanely impressive games that are for the console. I would not trade it for anything but a cordless alternative like the bluetooth ones - officially licensed.

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