Blue Rogues Collection

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Blue Rogues Collection

Post#1 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:20 am

Here are some photos of part of my collection. I have recently move house so most of my stuff is still in storage. I will update with further pics when I get to opening the storage boxes.
Sturmwind Windstark Ltd Edition Sealed.jpg
Sturmwind Windstark Ltd Edition Sealed
Sonic 10th Anniversary Sealed.jpg
Sonic 10th Anniversary sealed
Sealed Planet Ring Box - PAL.jpg
Planet Ring PAl sealed box version
Sealed PAL Games.jpg
Sealed PAL games
Sealed NTSC-U Games.jpg
Sealed NTSC-U games
Sealed NTSC-J Games.jpg
Sealed NTSC-J games
NTSC-U Consoles.jpg
North American stand alone consoles
NTSC-U Broadband Adaptor.jpg
BBA North America
Neo XYX Standard and Ltd Editions Sealed.jpg
Neo XYX sealed regular and Ltd. Editions
Japanese Consoles.jpg
Japanes Consoles. Partners, Sakura Taisen, CSK models
Internet Starter Kit Contents.jpg
Starter Kit Contents NIB
Internet Starter Kit (Jap).jpg
Internet Starter Kit Japan
Dream Point Bank Poetable TV.jpg
Dream Point Bank Casio Portable TV

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VMU Collection

Post#2 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:39 am

My Various VMUs, not including those that are bundled in Consoles that I own.
Standard VMU each region.jpg
Standard VMUs
Seaman VMU.jpg
Sakura Taisen Set.jpg
Sakura Yaisen Set
Pearl Pink, Capcom and PSO Memory.jpg
Pearl Pink, Capcom and PSOx4
North American Color Set.jpg
North American Color Set
Mothra Dream battle.jpg
Mothra Dream Battle
Japanese Milennium Color Set.jpg
Japanese Millenium Set
Giant Channel, Godzilla, Super Inventor Boy, VMU strap.jpg
Giant Channel, Godzilla, Super Inventor Boy
Dream Point Bank- various.jpg
Dream Point Bank - Various
Di gi Charat Fantasy.jpg
Di Gi Charat Fantasy

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