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Any other NVIDIA Shield owners around?

For those that don't know what it is, NVIDIA has released a showcase device for their Tegra 4 mobile processor oriented towards Android gaming. The device has an integrated store where you can download both free and purchasable games that show you what the Tegra 4 is capable of. A most notable game as of late to further support this is Dead Trigger 2. It's an overhaul of the first game, It adds new graphical improvements utilizing even more Tegra 4 features, tighter gameplay mechanics and even adds real-time ragdolls.

One important feature that was released an update ago was the mappable virtual on-screen controllers to your Shield controller. This only makes the NVIDIA Shield a must have if you enjoy Android game but find the virtual on-screen controls uncomfortable to play with compared to an actual control. I made a thread where people are sharing their custom controller mappings in the official NVIDIA Shield board on the Geforce forums, but will refrain from linking unfortunately as I am out of touch with this forum's rules.

Every NVIDIA Shield unit comes pre-loaded with full copies of Expendable[a recognizable game on the Dreamcast] and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Talking about Sega related games, Crazy Taxi can be purchased on the TegraZone store and it comes with the original music from the Dreamcast version...but they removed references to Pizza Hut and KFC haha! All I'm hoping for is that the Sonic Adventure games see a release on the Shield one day so that I can take my Chao on the go [makes me super giddy thinking about it].

For those concerned with multiplayer games, Avabel is a free-to-play MMO which I have made custom controller mappings for and Shadowgun: Deadzone which is a Gears of War clone but plays really well when it's not busy lagging[it's not that often when it lags bad though or it could just be my net].
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Re: NVIDIA Shield

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I don't have an Nvidia shield I game on my old ass galaxy s3 I waiting for a new android gaming device to come out that is power enough to run play! (ps2 emulator ) at full speed as well as dolphin and yabause

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Re: NVIDIA Shield

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androiddreamcast wrote:I don't have an Nvidia shield I game on my old ass galaxy s3 I waiting for a new android gaming device to come out that is power enough to run play! (ps2 emulator ) at full speed as well as dolphin and yabause
I'm actually in the same boat. I'm going to replace my Galaxy S3 preety soon and yes I was really pissed when Razer bought out Boxer 8 last summer so I did look at the Nvidia Shield Console as the replacement for my Ouya.
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Re: NVIDIA Shield

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I have an NVidia Shield Tablet I use for gaming with a wired Xbox 360 controller (I often times connect it to my TV too). When it's working properly, the tablet is a thing of beauty. NVidia's Android programmers are not the best however. Whenever there's an update it breaks something.

They finally released their Marshmallow update last week, but it broke the tab's WiFi so they pulled the update. Once that is ironed out, and you're able to use an SD card as internal storage, it'll be the pinnacle of gaming tablets easily.

I have enjoyed a few SEGA games on it, namely Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, and Sonic CD.

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Re: NVIDIA Shield

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our family had the set top box as a kid, and it was great! It was my first exposure to Sonic CD! But i think my mom didnt like it for some reason? (idk i think ours broke for some reason) I loved it though, if i had known about the handheld or tablet thing i woulda been set!
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