Testing my Vonage connection.

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Testing my Vonage connection.

Post#1 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:00 pm

Hello, I have a 1.5 Mb/s DSL connection, and a Vonage Voip. Some people say Voip doesn't work, by Voip I assume most people mean Skype. (If I'm right about Skype) Skype can't do faxes, Vonage can. Maybe Vonage can do Dreamcast dial up. I signed up for a Michigan government free dial up, and I'm from Ohio. All you need is an email address as a login name and a predetermined password which is simple and can't be changed.

I've gotten some decent results from using Vonage Dial Up. I was able to connect to the Maximum pool server, and even log in the room. I just couldn't find opponents to play against. I tried Chu Chu Rocket but didn't know if the reason I didn't connect was because no one is on or because my Vonage doesn't work. I will challenge one person to a game i Own (Chu Chu Rocket, Alien Front Online, Next Tetris, Worms World Party) except Snooker on Maximum Pool (I don't understand that game fully) any time (assuming we plan it) between 9AM and 11:59 PM M-Sat and 3PM-11:59 PM Sunday New York time (-5for time zone = GMT 14:00-5:00 M-Sat 20:00-5:00 Sunday) I don't care if you crrsh me, I don't care if I crush you, all I care about is you're a flesh and boold opponent, (and MAYBE in Alien Front Online, speak any form of English.) The reason why I'm offering such a wide time slot is because the more flexible one is, the more likely one is able to find an opponent. I generally don't play my dreamcast often enough to catch people by chance, and I don't want to interrupt an already scheduled game, knowing I don't want to disappoint if the network doesn't work. If you want to play one of my five games in this or any other title I own: you can either respond to my post if you want to play, (And be patient, I don't know how Vonage Dial Up works as far as ports are concerned. I got the right IP Address typed in.) or you can Xbox Live Friend me. My Xbox user name is TripleTopper321.

Speaking of Xbox, I have an Xbox room dedicated to finding opponents on any online game you typically wouldn't find someone. I didn't limit it to just 360 and One games, so Playstation, Nintendo, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and retro systems like the Sega Dreamcast are welcome to be matched up with. In order to receive the pings to challenge, you must join the room notifications. To make a challenge on a non-supported system, type in the text chat, and you reach anyone currently online who subscribes, like a text message except it's specific to Xbox, so you have to be connected to Xbox Live to receive the network, which you can do on the road if you have a smartphone set to receive Xbox Social messages. Also I usually check Xbox once a day so allow 24-48 hour ping time to meet up. I also don't have a smart phone. I'll check to see if I can get a social message from the Xbox network on my dumb phone.

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Re: Testing my Vonage connection.

Post#2 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:30 pm

Pretty much all of the online games need to be redirected to the new server locations, so check the connection guide for each game's details (click on "online games" on the main site page).

The best way to find players is to post in the chat box.
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