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Friend me on Xbox and make appointment to play Next tetris.

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:05 pm
by tripletopper
Or alternatively, post a message here. I get daily updates via email and need 24-48 hours of ping time to respond, unless you ping me when I'm on Xbox, then I'm like a pizza delivery boy, 30 minutes or less if I'm playing an online, almost instantly if not. I have 5 games for the Dreamcast I am willing to drop other single player games for, just to play agaisnt a real live human. I also have hundreds of games for Xbox 360 and One I couldn't find an pponent for, but would be willing to play. One of those Dreamcast games is Next Tetris. My playtimes are M-Sat 9AM- 11:59 PM New York Time, Sun 3PM- 11:59 (-5 in winter is GMT 14:00 M-Sat - 5:00 Tue- Sun + 20:00 Sun-05:00 Mon, -4 in summer is GMT 13:00 M-Sat - 4:00 Tue-Sun + 19:00 Sun - 04:00 Monday) More details on playing this, 4 other dreamcast games, or playing obscure Xbox 360 and One games it's hard to find a human for, visit