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Willing to meet up with Chu Chu Rocket gamers.

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:55 pm
by tripletopper
I have so far 5 US versions of Dreamcast games I want to play online, as well as many others on Xbox I have literally bought on day 1 and still couldn't find an opponent for, even on day 1. The times are willing to play are M-Sat 9:00AM - 11:59 PM M-Sat New York time Monday - Sa****ay (remember that on Sega Saturn netlink, it censoring the word Saturday) ?(-5 in winter is GMT 14:00 M-Sat - 05:00 Tue-Sun and 20:00 Sun - 5:00 Mon, -4 in summer is 13:00-04:00 and 19:00-04:00 respectively. For more details and to see other games, visit