Hi Everyone, Big Fan Of The Dreamcast

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Hi Everyone, Big Fan Of The Dreamcast

Post#1 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:48 pm

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony and I've been a huge fan of the Dreamcast since I was 4. Remembering the days of my brother giving me the controller to either play PSO with other players, or just fighting him in Soul Caliber. After the PS2 was release, the Dreamcast slowly became forgotten and ended being pushed to in the attic. 13 years has passed, in college, working hard to get good grades, slowly craving the goods old days of my childhood. When my first-year semester ended, I went to the attic and grab the Dreamcast. Set everything up, inserted Crazy Taxi, and my love for the console quickly catches back on. It was a ton of fun but something did not feel right. Due to online experience was basically gone by the time I replayed it. Playing POS, a game legend for it's multiplayer. With nobody else feels quite sad, until I found this website, thanks to pcwzrd13. Ever since last month, my goal is to save up enough to get a Dreampi and the parts required to go online. Hope for the best on everyone towards the new year and make every experience on the Dreamcast worth while :)

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