Half-Life got me hooked on Dreamcast

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Half-Life got me hooked on Dreamcast

Post#1 » Sun May 16, 2021 3:27 am

Hey there! I'm doitall, the local Half-Life addict! :D I picked up a Dreamcast with one goal: Play the unreleased Half-Life 1 Dreamcast version. And while I did have to trade a Gameboy to get my first Dreamcast, it was a worthwhile investment. Suddenly, I was opened up to a world that expanded my aspirations further than simply playing another edition of Half-Life. OutTrigger, Kiss: Psycho Circus, Sonic Adventure, and even a polished version of Vigilante 8 2nd Offense... I was hooked.

About 2 weeks ago, I was browsing my local Goodwill, when I spotted it: A Dreamcast with a controller. They only wanted $12.49, I buy it without hesitation. I get home, hook it up, only to discover the GDD is dead. While I had never repaired a Dreamcast, I figured the issues couldn't be more compilated than swapping the GDROM with a new one, so I bought the next best thing: a GDEMU. It came in today, I installed it a few hours ago, and I am happy to report that the system is fully functional now :D I have since swapped my first Dreamcast (working GDROM) with the Goodwill Dreamcast (GDEMU).

So... what games/homebrew should I download? :3

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Re: Half-Life got me hooked on Dreamcast

Post#2 » Sun May 16, 2021 6:48 am

One life is not enough to experience all the great DC games, at least not the way they deserve. (some needs to be played multiple times :D )

Dreamcast have a lot good racing games - Metropolis Street Racer, Test Drive Le Man, SEGA GT, Formula One.... 1/5 from the DC library is racing! :P

Almost all sega arcade games are good, some good rpgs. many fighting games

There are also many new translated games from japan, some new games and homebrews every year.

Many great gaming moments are waiting for you in the future. :lol: Don't forget about the online multiplayer too later.

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Re: Half-Life got me hooked on Dreamcast

Post#3 » Mon May 17, 2021 12:51 am

All the Half-Life mods for sure.

https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/h ... -pack.269/

I tried to find my thread I made here about it but guess somebody deleted it...

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