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BionicKoalaBoy's Collection

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:38 am
by BionicKoalaBoy
I've been collecting on and off since about 2002. Sold my entire collection once, and started again properly about 3 years ago.
I have 5 steering wheels, 2 the same ( Ferrari ) for head to head F355. The wheels are bulky to store, and I don't think many people collect them really because of that. I have the 2 Ferrari's for F355 Challenge really, as I have a several DCs, a Dragoncast link cable, 2 VGA adaptors and 2 identical 17inch monitors. I play my DC on my Sanyo projector mostly though, at about 5 feet across. My son and his mates play REZ with the lights off and the sound pumped up! I have a Dreameye, Densha controller, Jap Samba and 2 sets of unofficial marracas. You can probably see the old pocket watch on the Densha controller ( ? ) I bought that in a flee market after reading that it is what the round hole is for. Apparantly Japanese train drivers are given a pocket watch when they qualify to drive, and they keep it on their dashboard. There was an official one to accompany the controller I believe, but haven't seen it. I also have a controller adaptor which allows me to use my Official Saturn pad ( Jap ), or Wireless PS pad for fighters etc. I also have a PS motor bike controller which I use with the adaptor, for games like Suzuki Alstare ( Red Line ), Ducati, and Paperboy on MAME! I'm thinking of giving the bike a respray and DC branding to blend in more with the other peripherals. My newest additions ( un-pictured ) are an ASCII Mission Stick which has just arrived from japan, and also the DreamKara Karaoke machine add-on which is now in my pic gallery. My games are a mixture of UK, Jap, US and back-up, and I have them all alphabetized!!! ( My wife does think i have a screw loose ). I'd like an ascii pad, but to be honest I think my official saturn pad works just the same, and the price of those pads seems pretty steep to me. Anyhow, please comment. Thanks!