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Patching Dance Dance Revolution Club Version

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:07 am
by alcoatjez
I have been trying to apply the English (partial) translation for Dance Dance Revolution Club Version from Topping Translations.

I have tried the Echelon, ReviveDC and the gdi release. The Echelon and ReviveDC release boot up fine with the translation screen, but when I get to the gameplay part the game automatically finished the level on 'Perfect'. The background in the level is not working.
If I patch the GDI release, the game doesn't boot (infinite loop).

I 'hacked' the IP.BIN with the 1ST-READ.BIN from the translation and changed the files from the disc with the files from the translation.

Has anyone successfully patched this game? I'm not asking to supply me with a patched image, I'm just wondering if it actually works.

Thanks, alcoatjez