Gunman Chronicles beta5 by Dreammatrix

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Gunman Chronicles beta5 by Dreammatrix

Post#1 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:39 pm

Dreammatrix aka R4mb0 is still working on HL mods and his recent work is a port Gunman Chronicles to Sega Dreamcast! At this time it is beta5 and can be downloaded here (mirror is coming soon) ... cronicles/

Dreammatrix is a member here and i hope he will add more information about this port and its future.

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Re: Gunman Chronicles beta5 by Dreammatrix

Post#2 » Sat May 30, 2015 12:49 am

Does anybody know if he has been on this site lately? I used to talk to him often but I don't go to TIZ anymore.

The download for this game isn't working so I am hoping somebody has backed it up.

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Re: Gunman Chronicles beta5 by Dreammatrix

Post#3 » Sat May 30, 2015 7:57 am

Wow, i totally missed this post. I want to replay Gunman for a long time, but i cant get it to work on my PC anymore... Is this port playable?

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Re: Gunman Chronicles beta5 by Dreammatrix

Post#4 » Sun May 31, 2015 10:53 am

Dreammatrix handed me the beta he was working on before he uploaded it and I can't seem to locate the disc so that is why I was asking if anybody had it backed up.

Yes it is fully playable on the parts he had released. I posted about the idea of porting it a few years ago over at and last year Dreammatrix started working on it. It runs and looks great.

I am working on compiling all the released mods into an archive to preserve them in case they ever go offline again. I am ashamed I didn't back this 1 mod up.

Atreyu187 also backed up most the mods if you want to download them to take a look at some you might have missed.!A4gSTArA!NYftz3TuU ... sat5WPq7ZA

This is all of the mods to the unreleased game Half-Life that have been ported. Here is a listing of the games in this pack.

Counter StrikeDC V1.0 Final
Half Life Blue Shift Expansion
Half-Life - DCRES
Half-Life - MUDS (oRAR's NFO Only)
Half-Life - Xanadu (oRAR's NFO Only)
Half-Life 007 Golden Eye Demo
Half-Life Black OPS - Black Operations R1
Half-Life Grunt Final
Half-Life Counter Strike Condition Zero Beta v.0.1
Half-Life Opposing Force (comes with extra games as well noted below but keyboard is needed to access them)
Half-Life ParanoiaDC B2
Half-Life U.S.S. Darkstar
HaloDC Revamped v1.1
They Hunger Trilogy

Here is a list of the games that are on the Half-Life Opposing Force expansion, again these can only be accessed with a keyboard. All original NFO files as well as changelogs, covers, disc scans, and how to access extras are included in this pack. Now on to the games.

Assault on Roswell
Project Xeno 1 e 2
Mission Failed
Mission no Mercy
Peace Like Us,
Etc 1 e 2
The Challenger Deep
Chaos Theory
Gut Reaction
Opposing Force

All of these are on one disc, the rest are all standalone variants of the latest builds available.

A small thing to note is that the Halo Revamped is actually a Quake 1 mod.

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