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Changing music in MSR ?

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:47 pm
by paddyboy
Hi,i have been getting help with compiling msr kalisto release and with much help from some good people i can now extract and recompile a working msr cdi selfboot,i had requested help as my sole intention was to edit and change the music in the game however i have found that changing the music also breaks the games sound effects (all sound effects sound like an atari 2600) this includes the in game car engines.

I don't have much experience with modding dreamcast games and have looked over other music mods for other dreamcast games but have not read of anyone have problems where once they mod in new music,the game may boot and load but also give sound effect errors.

i have tried the following but have found that no matter the method or the change in the modding of the music files,i always get a sound effect issue,i also tried burning as is to test on my dreamcast and found the disc to not always boot and the front end menu music to also jump.

tried,changing/swapping some music from the games folder into another folder,example taking a track from london and replacing with a track in tokyo,both files being of similar file size

tried,making my own tracks but also downsampling them and also tried making them mono,for instance i replaced a track from london with one of my own that was smaller in file size.


the only time where i am able to make any changes to the games audio is when i take out and swap the voices AFS,this is due to the kalisto cdi being a rip and most of the voices are non existent (they are replaced with .bin files instead of adx) i have tried replacing this file with a full voice.afs and there has been no errors.

This means that the game will accept afs files of different sizes without issue however once i open an afs and change anything within it and then compile a new afs,the games sound effects become broken,from this stand point,i have tried using a few different tools to extract and make afs files,i have tried a few different ways of making adx files,i know that making the adx files is not the problem due to the games own adx files also breaking the game,i can only assume that there needs to be a correct way of adding/changing adx files within the afs container in a way that doesn't break the game but while i have searched high and low on google,i can't find anything in regards to this.

i also know about the ALS file that acts somewhat as a cue file for the adx files,i understand that these should be pointing to the dir/ where the audio in located and have the correct file names,also that when compressing back to afs,i can use this file as a cue,i have tried with and without this cue but get the same issue.

the music will play fine,the sound effects are broken and there must be a proper method for compiling adx back into the afs container but i can't fine any info/docs on this at all.

My main Question would be - do dreamcast adx files need to be EXACT file sizes,if i replace a track with one of my own,would it need to be exactly the same size,if this is true,how exact are we talking - bites ? i thought i could learn from the modded voice file as it has .bin files in it instead of the adx and i would think these are dummy files to save space yet the .bin files were actually all of different sizes,they were not small tiny files but looked to possibly mimic the file sizes of the original adx files,yet if they are that size then i don't understand why the overall afs file is much smaller in file size than the original,also i noticed all radio files were down sampled to mono,this tells me that they are at least downsampled and not following the file size of the original yet there is no problem with these working in the game,this contradicts my theory of the files needing to be the same file size.

I have the small kalisto voice file at 60mb (100 adx files and 100 .bin files) or the original full voice file taken from another msr cdi at 110mb (200 adx files)

thanks for reading and any help would be great !


Re: Changing music in MSR ?

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:55 am
by ShindouGo
It seems to me that MSR is quite annoying. If you change it (downsample videos for example) it doesn't work anymore.
So to test for audio if it is indeed necessary that the size is respected. What music did you want to add?
If you have them send them to me and I'll see if it's doable or not.

Re: Changing music in MSR ?

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:11 am
by megavolt85
If you are not a talented hacker, you can discard MSR modifications


Re: Changing music in MSR ?

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:17 pm
by ShindouGo
Yes indeed, this confirms that it is complicated for MSR at all levels ...