CrabEmu 0.2.0 Released

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CrabEmu 0.2.0 Released

Post#1 » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:31 pm

Well, it has been four years (to the day) since the last release of CrabEmu. That seemed like a good enough reason for a new release, so that's just what I did. :mrgreen:

There are plenty of new features and bugfixes in this release (far too many to list in a reasonably-sized news post), so here's the highlights of what has been improved:
  • Added support for emulating the ColecoVision and the NES (mappers 0 and 1 only)
  • Fixed various bugs in the Z80 core
  • Fixed priority on sprites in TMS9918 video modes
  • Added support for PAR cheats for SMS games
  • Added support for roms in zip files, as well as gzip and bzip2 compressed roms
  • Added support for a few odd mappers in SMS games released in Taiwan and Korea
  • Added support for browsing directories in the Dreamcast GUI
  • Added support for libkosext2fs (so you can put roms and such on an ext2 formatted SD card)

CrabEmu 0.2.0 is available for download in plain files and source code (in addition to the other related downloads).

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Re: CrabEmu 0.2.0 Released

Post#2 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:38 am

Excellent work! Ill download this when I get home next month. :-)
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