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DEmul latest updates thread

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:51 am
by VasiliyRS
2017-12-22 07_35_34-Demul.jpg
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New DEmul from russian devs just got released!

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* AICA: fixed sound
* CORE: added 7zip support for roms
* CORE: added mmu support for dynarec
* CORE: fixed maple timers
* CORE: fixed memcards in WinCE
* CORE: fixed save states
* CORE: new sh4/ppc cores, improvements, bugfixes
* CORE: removed redundant gpu/spu multi threading
* GDR: added support for filenames with spaces to GDI
* GDR: fixed gdrImage plugin
* GDR: fixed thread mode
* GDR: removed redundant gdrDemul plugin
* GPU: fixed DX3 z-buffer bug
* GPU: new DX11 plugin featured order-independency transparency, object list multi-layered render simulation, translucent modifiers, aspect ratio support with hotkeys, two-pass postfilters, texture conversion on the GPU
* GUI: new VMS manager merged with maple devices, menu rearranging
* MODEL3: added little improvements, still no sound, not a priority since supermodel is here ;)
* NAOMI: added M1/M2/M3/M4 decompression implementation, now all protections are emulated (thanks to Adnreas Naive, Deunan Knute, MAME and DU teams)
* NAOMI: added jvs standart touchscreen emulation (Touch De Uno! 2)
* NET: new proprietary network plugin added
* VMS: added default vms file to all ports

Download link:
Official announcement: ... 280#p17280

Re: DEmul latest updates thread

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:33 pm
by VasiliyRS
Recent months this SEGA Dreamcast emulator for PC got a lot of updates. Latest release dated 11 november 2017.
Maybe it is the best DC emulator nowadays since NullDC looks dead.
Be sure to download it here
There are many change logs so i paste just latest one:

[11 november 2017] DEmul 0.7 WIP
Misc updates.

- ARM: DP immediate Carry little fix
- CAVE YMZ770: implemented main volume and clip control
- CAVE: Akai Katana added
- DX11: fixed Cave bilinear filter
- DX11OLD: fixed shader filter settings load
- GAELCO: improved ball mechanic simulation
- MISC: basic analogs simulation when playing from keyboard (arcade only)
- MISC: fixed Dreamcast game name handle
- NAOMI: Mushiking IV/V/VI added. A new card codes included (to change 4-5-6 game version go to game test mode BACKUP CLEAR and hold both players buttons 1 for 3 seconds).