THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 NGSDL1.0RC2 [SB][CDI] Major Speed up with video

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THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 NGSDL1.0RC2 [SB][CDI] Major Speed up with video

Post#1 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:26 am

I have worked thru the night and have got more speed for this release it's pretty close to fullspeed sfx and cd audio I love it :) plays great
I'm now using the unibios and have SNK intro at 4000bit rate it lasts 8 sec and you can skip it I'm sorry i did not wait till after i got it this nice but thats how i work And all versions will still be useable because even this SB can boot other games on real hardware still works as boot disk like BLEEM does... I have done every trick i know to get cheap speed.. But to get it perfect is going to take a lot longer but if you view the video you will see the improvement made over the last 5 hours.. I have used 6 cdr's and 5 dvd's to bring this to you :) I hope you enjoy it like i do..


Video of RC2 with all the bugfixes over the last 6 hours of work :)

I play a whole first team battle :)

Link to SB Image to burn or use on GDEMU
Plain files to make your own using this version best yet
(2.16 MiB) Downloaded 118 times

PS any one good at art or photoshop It be good to have a proper cover for the emulator and a better splash screen but keeping the names and theme.. I have not made it changeable yet but it's coming you could replace the splash screen with any 512x512 image..

Ps this has loading times like the real neogeo cd console but there a lot faster then the real thing :)

Example all selfboot releases can be used as a game disk on the next versions so there no waste..

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