Playing Dreamcast games w/o Discs

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Playing Dreamcast games w/o Discs

Post#1 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:20 pm

Hi all,

Like many, I have a Dreamcast with a dying GD-ROM drive. What are the methods used to read the GD-ROMS without using the discs? I haven't found a master list somewhere online and would like some help looking in the right direction. I'd prefer to use a method which doesn't require hardware modifications (aside from flashing the bios and installing Dreamshell or something similar).

Thanks and I hope to see you guys online soon.

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Re: Playing Dreamcast games w/o Discs

Post#2 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:30 pm

Well, other than the wildly incompatible SD card reader for the serial port for Dreamshell, which I guess you can say requires no "mods" despite being a mod itself in a way, there is no other way to play games without replacing the GDROM drive with a GDEMU, USB-GDROM or doing the IDE mod. You don't have ANY other options lol. The only true 100% compatible plug and play solutions are the GDEMU and the USB-GDROM. Those require opening the console to install them.

GDEMU is the cheapest and easiest way if you don't want to solder yourself at $70 free shipping for a clone, although if you know what you are doing, the IDE mod could be done for well under $20. However, while still not 100%, the IDE mod is sitting at like 98% compatibility now.

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Re: Playing Dreamcast games w/o Discs

Post#3 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:35 pm

I just ordered a Chinese knock off GDEMU, though it does require you to pull out the gdrom drive there isn't anything really altered. once you wanna put your dreamcast back to stock you just swap the gdrom back in. I haven't got it here yet so I don't have any solid opinion but ive watched several videos on it while making my decision. I think the only draw back is some people report extra heat in the DC shell after you do the swap because your dreamcast is using less power than its supposed to. people have made 3d printed trays to help with this as they are supposed to redirect your airflow how it was intended, or you can download what you need off thingverse and print it yourself if you have the capability.

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