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Provenance bringing Dreamcast and Saturn to iOS

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:46 am
by BaffleBlend
As another topic's said, Reicast is already available for Android. But for those of us stuck with an iPhone or iPad, I've been following a multi-emulator frontend called Provenance for a while now, and they've been tinkering around with Dreamcast and Saturn support as a pet project.

DC support is still in its early experimental stages, but it's beginning to look promising.

Dreamcast core just about ready to be merged in, though still very beta, performance is really good. Some quirks to work out still
same audio issues as before, basically either audio is perfect but video lags, or video runs perfect, or too fast, and audio renders glitchy
basically comes down to syncing the audio buffer clocks to the the internal dreamcast clock, does retroarch or mainline reicast work on iOS non-jailbreak correctly?
if you're missing bios it'll just crash, also crashes if run from xcode after the dreamcast logo screen, but restarting the app without the debugger attached runs fine, no idea what that's about.
issues aren't performance based though, soul calibur, which is supposed to be the hardest game to run, runs smooth video on iPad pro with upscaling and AA. The frameskipping comes into play when you change the audio system to a time synced system which is just a shitty code path in the rendering engine that uses the audio clock of the system to stall from rendering video too fast
"working" is an overestimation
it plays, i wouldn't call it playable, the timings are all off, games run too fast and audio is fucked
but i didn't want to maintain a separate branch, so i rebased my code from long ago and merged in current reicast code but the same issues remain
but i don't want to keep these separate branches, so that's why i merged dreamcast, saturn and jaguar into the dev branch because managing the merges with them was becoming impossible

Saturn support is much farther along right now, but you currently need a newer device to run Saturn games at full speed.