Where to get new dreamcast games

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Post#11 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:09 pm

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#12 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 11:26 pm

Homebrew games. :D

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#13 » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:00 pm

I second a vote for Sturmwind. Been revisiting it after a year or 2 away and it still amazes me that it’s running on 22 year old hardware.

Gunlord is nice as well. Great pixel art and music.

Redux, Dux, Undux, ReReDux, they all sux.

Ghost Blade is cool and mostly looks great but has a lot of frame rate issues. It may well be really fun on modern platforms like Switch.

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#14 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 2:34 pm

Pair solar was an awesome rpg as well. I enjoyed my time with that one.

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#15 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 3:27 am

I quite enjoyed the first Dux, but I understand that all subsequent versions were nearly identical with minor tweaks.
And I agree that Rush Rally Racing Reloaded was awesome! *

*Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers :lol:

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#16 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:59 pm

Hello, I created a separate post to try and answer this question. I realized afterwards that it has a nearly identical title. oops.

Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.
it's thinking

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Re: Where to get new dreamcast games

Post#17 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 7:56 am

All of this is really useful info for someone new to the scene. I'm really interested in picking up Sturmwind and Pier Solar. I love how dedicated the community still is all these years later.

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