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Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:46 am
by Ian Micheal
this should be the release you may enjoy i have made it more suited to dreamcast
I have cleaned up the src code to the mod we now have 10% more speed on all maps
Credits to the following people this is based on
Based on q1a 0.75 mod from electro
mail - bad_lupus[at]ua[dot]fm
3DS fix by Purplstuph
Whats removed
-- removed map cycle system you dont need to go to console anymore
-- maps that would lag or crash it replaced with others

New features
-- Complete conversion of a pc quake mod
-- Does not need any version of quake1 anymore custom pakfiles
-- 29 Deathmatch tested maps
-- Fraglimt 20 when ether of the 4 bots or you reach 20 frags it will warp to a new map
-- Boots straight to main menu no keyboard needed
-- Main menu now has music after welcome to quake arena
-- Reaching over 50fps on some maps very fast
-- Forward and backward speed Much faster
-- Turning speed faster
-- Not allways fullbright on textures there will be light and dark and dynamic lighting
-- tri-linear interpolation pvr filter
-- maps can have round walls now
-- Debug console print warning off
-- Debug checks turned off for release
quake 1 arenar1.1.png

quake 1 arenar1.1menu.png

Example of a map with round walls
quake 1 arenar1.1strafin6.png

Example of lighting not all full bright
quake 1 arenar1.1ldpng.png

Example ranking system first 20 then new map
quake 1 arenar1.1rank.png

Main fixes are quakerc progs.dat and maps
Link to selfboot cdi r1.1!rqQXEYaY!FJfniMT49ZoG ... R0UVYf8esw
I will do a youtube playthru later today i have had not the time..
Link to selfboot cdi r1.2
of course when i make a release i found a problem if you download r1.1
here is the fix one map crashed it now fixed title screen will still say r.1.1!67Z1hCZT!n2rj0-t4fD2m ... UcPIVEF9fk

Hope you enjoy much improved speed function and dreamcast freindly
I have run each map one after the other on nulldc and demul
with out one crash lets hope real hardware is as stable
as those 2 emulators. will i found one crash and i have updated it
Please playtest so we can get this near retail
Bugs reported i will try to fix
right now i cant find any oh i did lol sure there is more just need
better playtesting then i can do.