RADquake 4.7 Alpha 44kh stereo for CDDA audio and sample rate

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RADquake 4.7 Alpha 44kh stereo for CDDA audio and sample rate

Post#1 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:33 am

Well it's been a long time coming about 15 years since the promised working cd audio never happened.. well it has now. there are still bugs Playing order of the tracks and delayed Change of track sometimes it does catch up and work..

For this to work i had to have a sample rate of 44kh so it might of lost some of the speed of the last release, I have not tested it on real hardware thats why i have not called it 4.8 that will included the mod menu and some other things..

This should have the Highest HQ audio of any Homebrew quake1 port to dreamcast.
44kh stereo for CDDA audio and sample rate.
Splash screen is now reading from the cd to save binsize.

When the 50/60 selector comes up press (A) then start i had to do this to recheck the mountpoint. it will take a little bit to load the game and check the cd for audio

No screenshots and all that it's got everything the same as the other release but it's got working CDDA for the first time:)
Please test it on real hardware.. When you go thru levels the cd music does change tracks I have seen it on debug now the order could be messed up..

Please dont expect this to be perfect it's a preview test im trying to complete all the projects i did not in 2003 :) personal Goal.
CDDA audio works on NULLDC Does not work on other emulators I hope this is just not a bug because Nulldc supports swap disk and demul does not fully.. If so i can fix this but i hope not..
RADquake Plain files to make your own games
(581.1 KiB) Downloaded 123 times

Radquake source code 4.7 with working CDDA
(565.33 KiB) Downloaded 127 times

Selfboot MDS Image compressed using winrar It cant be a cdi it would have no cdda audio Please mirror this is a large file 657meg full quake soundtrack and game
winrar packed size 382mb
Link to archive with selboot MDS image
RADquake 4.7 CDDA selfboot image
https://mega.nz/#!qqQxmIwY!_5ARY-WQSZmJ ... PC1VOrnIJM

If you ever wondered why it's called RADquake here is a pic.. I first started as Reaper angel development i use to do photoshop art like this if you call it art lol..

Please try normal and hard episode on quake if audio stops keep playing till next. also when it first boots let it play the demo for a little while so the main menu music can start playing..If you rush it at start up it can have problems. On nulldc i have played hardmod and normal and had music keep playing and changing .. Also only real music in quake 1 is the start up tune.. you can on hear this if you leave it play the demo for 20 30 sec then go to the game menu .. Timing problems with cdda code.

Also this is 44khz stereo on all the sound effects Speed seems to be as good as the last release.

Apart from the start tune all the other tracks are just ambiance.

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Re: RADquake 4.7 Alpha 44kh stereo for CDDA audio and sample rate

Post#3 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:53 pm

excellent work. Ill give this a try when Im at home tomorrow.

Thank you :-)
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