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Soul Calibur 1 (DREAMCAST) -HD Texture pack Reicast (RELEASED 6/4)

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:57 am
by pepodmc

The pack is a combination between upscaled Gigapixel textures and New textures, because i didnt like some textures and other were so low resolution than i cant improve them with gigapixel.

**INSTRUCTIONS: Create a folder with the name “textures” inside “system/dc” and, in there, put the folder “T1401N” And then , enable the option “Load custom textures” in Reicast options.

Reicast doesnt have an option to prefetch the custom textures like in dolphin emulator (preload at the beginning of the emulation) so, if the texture is too big, theres a delay until the new texture loads ingame.

One thing that i note is that, the emulator tend to crash sometimes when you use save-states with a custom texture pack applied, avoid saves-states if posible.

The custom texture pack works with the USA T1401N version of the game.

In the future, i will update more textures of the game in a second release XD.

EDIT: A bug loading texture on character select crashes the game, flyinghead will fix that, but for the moment, i put character select screen textures in another folder.
They are included in the release, but in another folder so the emulator doesnt load that textures, until Flyinghead fix the problem
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I played the game with one shader pass of “4XSOFT.GLSL” for less aliasing. (filter set to “linear” and scale set to “dont care”.


Comparisson screenshots 1: CHARACTERS (24 IMAGES)
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