Help with toolchain/DC Load - Flags

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Help with toolchain/DC Load - Flags

Post#1 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:18 pm

Just need help on using dcload-serial:
I have toolchain and I can even compile the KOS example: "hello.elf"

I compiled DC load but I don't know which are the flags to connect with dreamcast

I am using USB FTDI to serial converter, Linux mint OS (not vm) and already know which port Dreamcast is connected to.

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Re: Help with toolchain/DC Load - Flags

Post#2 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:07 am

First of all, do the following command in a terminal to figure out what the device name of the USB-Serial converter is:

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ls /dev/tty*
Likely, one of the devices will be named in a way that makes it obvious that it is the one you're looking for (for instance with USB or FTDI in it somewhere).

Once you find that, then it's pretty simple to get things uploaded with dc-tool-serial. Assuming that the binary is called dc-tool and it's somewhere in your $PATH, it should be as simple as running the following from the directory where the hello.elf file is:

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dc-tool -t /dev/[whatever you found earlier] -x hello.elf

I suppose you're the same person who posted over here? Someone on another forum that is fairly active for Dreamcast development noticed your post too. Just figured I'd point it out and maybe suggest another resource that you might look at in your travels if you're going to be doing Dreamcast stuff. ;-)

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