How the Sega of the Future Could Look

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How the Sega of the Future Could Look

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By Luke Plunkett
Feb 2, 2012 12:30 AM
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How the Sega of the Future Could Look

Sega is an old brand. There's heritage in that, but also baggage. So French design firm SYN decided to take a swing at sprucing the company's image up a little!

While this is a purely fan-driven project - think of it was arty fan fiction - it's still interesting to see the ways a company that in many ways is still (brand-wise at least) stuck in the 90s could make itself more contemporary.

The thinking behind the "United" thing stems from the fact Sega, like many other Japanese publishers, does a lot more than just publish video games for home consoles and handhelds.

This is the second time this month we've seen Frenchmen try and redesign Sega; check out Elie Ahovi's ideas for a new Dreamcast we posted a few weeks ago.

is this what sega might be doing with orbi? lol sorry i dont read the hole thing or am i rong and this is something


Re: How the Sega of the Future Could Look

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The actual link.

The logo is fanmade. The actual "Sega Orbi" logo will consist of the traditional "SEGA" Blue Futura font logo combined with "Orbi" who's commerce brand logo consists of a bounce ball for an "O" and lower case letters "r-b-i" using carnival like lettering.

"The mark consists of a graphic design composed of the letters "O"-"R"-"B"-"I" in a highly stylized font." ... y=85517210

With that being said, I'm glad SEGA is keeping their old logo. The SEGASammy logo just doesn't resonate outside of Japan.