Sega’s Console Return Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Immine

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Re: Sega’s Console Return Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Im

Post#41 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:21 am

Logic wrote:
Comrade Snarky wrote:Wow, what the hell? You guys are criticizing his English comprehension when he said very early in the thread (before Logic came in) that he had some kind of disability. This thread makes me feel like I need to go take a shower.

Nope, I'm just as guilty for failing to read his post in whole, as my own eyes missed the PS part explaining his situation. In addition, my wall of text could be said to be a precursor to further criticism, leaving me at fault regardless. It was a detailed post, offensive as well, but one that speaks so much volume that the blame for any continuation should without much doubt fall upon myself. My following post was a confirmation remedy of sorts. What I have not offered however, is an apology.

Whether he accepts it or not, is none of my concern, but I am sorry for skimping over that part and unleashing unneeded criticism craziestrufis. Sincerely I do apologize, and accept any needed ramifications, as my post was easily avoidable.

I have edited the last post and removed it's offensive content in addition.

its all good i for give u ;) i am not the tipe to hold groges

Graffiti Grind
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Re: Sega’s Console Return Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Im

Post#42 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:38 am

elmagicochrisg wrote:
MrSega wrote:elma. Mental disabilities can play a huge factor in the way someone types or texts. I happen to know about that because I was in Special Ed class when I was a kid & delt with children that had all sorts of MDs, Autism,Down Syndrome,Mental Retardation,Ceberal Palsy, you name it.

I understand now that your trying to help Trufis, but he may not be able to help the way he types.

BTW, I didn't report you. Just gave you a small warning.

So encouraging someone to make some improvement is wrong then?...

In all honesty, I think you underestimate the guy.

He's smart enough to marry a cute girl.

He's smart enough to find certain patents on the net as seen in other threads.

So I hope he can prove me right. And if he doesn't, then no harm done...

For me this discussion is over.

mr sega tote me how to look up patents thanks mr sega u tote me a lot i love this site :D

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