Help i can't dont downlode disk juggler

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Help i can't dont downlode disk juggler

Post#1 » Sat May 31, 2014 10:24 am

I think i put this in the right forum but her we go i am trying to download diskjuggler and it says ( U must restart your computer) so i googled it and i found this...

Q> (Can't install Discjuggler?
I have demo verison of discjuggler and vista 32 bit. I tried installing it but a message pops up saying to "Reboot your system." I reboot windows and tried again and the same message pops up. I downloaded the installer again and also tried installing the program with FULL administrator access. Still nothing. I need help. )

verentoll answered 6 years ago

A>(I had this problem too. I think what caused it was not rebooting when it wanted to the first time. Once that happened, the system was "marked" for rebooting, but the entire process was incomplete. What fixed it for me was deleting this key in the registry. It is located here:


And the key is called "WIAWizardMenu." It looks important, but it's not. You can back it up if you're worried. Once that key is deleted, the installation should work just fine. )

So it tried this and i can't find ("WIAWizardMenu.") HELP !!!!

Sorry i meant to say help i can't download disk juggler lo :lol: l

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