Netopia Method without a telephone simulator

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Netopia Method without a telephone simulator

Post#1 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:49 pm

I am new to this forum page and wanted to post some helpful information to help those using the Netopia method.

Here is a youtube video of how the ringdown system works

As you know telephone simulators such as the ts are very pricey and hard to find. or take a while to build your own.

Another option is to use a Pap2t As a ringdown service. I currently use the pap2t with my netopia and works great. Well not at first I had to do further adjustments to get it to work but i will be sharing this with you today.

Fax settings the voip device shows that it works with fax. but not out of the box. and also you may want to static your voip device and make sure it works before setting up your ringdown. after the ring down is setup you will not be able to reset the device using the telephone because *** will not work it will ring the other line before you can dial anything. if you static the device and unable to get in just dail *** reset ,(before you setup the ringdown) on your phone pad it will then reset the device.

also *** 110# , will give you your ipaddress the voip device is getting on the network.

here is a video of my setup hopefully this is helpful to you all.

these are the scripts i talked about on youtube
port 50

line 2 settings

I hope this information will help save you guys some money.

(also if you guys can help me with a serial modem setup with netopia that will be great then i can help test out other netopia models to get them online)

I have a website that has my configuration it will look like a real pap2t. you can make changes it will save the changes in your browser but not for everyone else. enjoy also included it the html file to download as well if you like to download the original file.

i included the configuration of my pap2t it will open in your web browser and you can look around :P
backup config
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Re: Netopia Method without a telephone simulator

Post#2 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:42 pm

"drez01" stated the following.
"I should probably mention that the pap2t causes a lot of latency. I would average around 620-650 ms locally. I found if you set the jitter level to low in the Linksys setup it would average around 420-450 ms.

Then I thought what if I line swapped and quickly hooked up my dreamcast directly to the Netopia after it connected?

Voila it worked! Ping dropped to the listed 100-130 ms!"

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Re: Netopia Method without a telephone simulator

Post#3 » Mon May 26, 2014 5:38 pm

I have also used spa2102 (digis) and spa2102-sf (clearwire) they were locked to a provider and was able to unlock and make a ring down easy.

1. Reset your SPA-2102 to factory default settings

If you purchase a second hand SPA-2102 or one that has been setup to work with a particular carrier then the safest bet is to reset the settings to the factory defaults so that you start with a clean slate and can be sure that some previously entered setting is not causing you a problem. To reset the SPA-2102 to factory defaults follow these steps: Plug in power adapter Plug in a phone to 'Phone 1′ port of the SPA-2102 Dial **** You should hear 'Configuration Option Menu' Dial 73738# (RESET#) Press 1 to confirm the reset

The SPA-2102 should now have been reset to factory default settings.

You may need to do the following to set up web management depending on which interface you are coming in on: Dial **** into the phone connected to the ATA device You should hear 'Configuration Option Menu' Dial 7932 then press 1 to enable. Hang up when you hear option saved.

worked like a dream with dreamcast.

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