ScummVM troubleshooting

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ScummVM troubleshooting

Post#1 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:25 am

So, I attempted to make a ScummVM disc, hoping to play the Space Quest games on my Dreamcast. I followed the tutorial on this site, and almost got things working. I've run into two issues though.

First off, I put Space Quest 1-5 onto the disc, but only Space Quest 3 and 4 were selectable. I put all games into individual folders on the disc, such as "SPACEI", "SPACEII", "SPACEIII", and so on. Any idea as to why only 3 and 4 are turning up?

Secondly, Space Quest 4 doesn't work too well. It loads up fine, but looking at certain things causes the Dreamcast to reset itself. I understand that this can be caused by having too many plugins on the disc, but the only .PLG file on there is "SCI.PLG", the one needed for the Space Quest games. I see there's a lot of .DAT files on there too for various games, such as Drascula and Teenagent. Should I delete these as well? Could they cause the Dreamcast to reset? Or is the Dreamcast version of ScummVM simply not compatible with Space Quest 4? I'd find it kind of odd if it wasn't, since it's not one of the most demanding ScummVM games.

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: Space Quest IV works fine in text only mode, disabling the voice clips and replacing it all with subtitles. It's just not the same without that great narrator, though!

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