Problems with 2 Copies of Resident Evil 2 (both discs)

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Problems with 2 Copies of Resident Evil 2 (both discs)

Post#1 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:16 pm

Hi, everyone. I just joined this forum because I noticed you had a Support section, and I am having a problem I was hoping you all might be able to help me with.

Background/My Dreamcast:
I have owned a Model 1 NTSC-U Dreamcast since about 2000, and I've been taking what I believe to be good care of it. I don't run burned discs, keep it dust free and out of extreme temperatures, etc. Recently, I have been picking up a lot of games on eBay to fill some gaps in my collection. As you can imagine, some games you get on eBay have problems, but I've never encountered a problem quite like this one.

The Problem:
I ordered discs 1 and 2 of Resident Evil 2 (without case or booklet, I like to organize my discs in a binder, whatever) from a seller in Hawaii. After I removed some gunk from the side of Disc 2, both of the discs started ok, but after I get past the Sega/powered by Windows CE screen, white lines stream across the side of my screen, and after that, all of the pre-rendered backgrounds, pictures in the art gallery, and menu screens display with a strange, pixilated dot overlay. It literally looks like a bunch of white dots are placed between the pre-rendered backgrounds and the 3d characters in the foreground.

The CG cutscenes and the 3d character models display without this overlay, except when a zombie is on fire, instead of the fire animating, they are surrounded by a bunch of green pixels.

This happens every time I turn on either Claire's or Leon's disc. The problem is pretty consistent; even the doors you see when new rooms are loading are heavily pixelated with this overlay. I don't have this problem on any of my other games (I tried, for example, Resident Evil 3, which is another Resident Evil game with pre-rendered backgrounds, and Armada, which is another Windows CE game).

Initially, I thought, okay, bad disc, and I sent the discs back. I then won another auction for the 2 Resident Evil 2 discs (also without case or booklet, also bizarrely from a different seller on another Hawaiian island), and when THOSE discs arrived, they have the same EXACT problems on both discs.

So... what is going on? Is this my Dreamcast acting up (in which case, why am I not having this problem with any other games)? It isn't my TV, as I have tried 3 different TVs. Should I get a "backup" Dreamcast and try it out? Should I stop ordering caseless games from Hawaii? Help me out if you can.

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Re: Problems with 2 Copies of Resident Evil 2 (both discs)

Post#2 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:55 am

I think I've solved this problem: it was the Dreamcast itself.

I picked up another Dreamcast on eBay, and the game works flawlessly on that system.

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