Dreamcast freeze at startup

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Dreamcast freeze at startup

Post#1 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:58 pm


I have a PAL Dreamcast with the link83/bios-mod.

Today, I got tired of the PAL50hz mode that it defaults to in some games, so I decided to do the region mod aswell (changing video-output to PAL60..).

Soldiered R512 to +12V, and bridged the R422.

Assembled everything together, and pressed the power-button.

So here comes the fu#%d up part:

There's NO startup animation or sound at all, and after about 5 seconds, the Dreamcast-logo is displayed, but it just stays there for about 2minutes and then the bios-menu appears.

The drive spins when I insert a game, but there is no "please wait while disc is being checked".

It's like it doesnt know wether the lid is open or closed, but I hear the gd-rom working when I insert a game.

Here's a video:


Tried disconnecting the r512 and 12v wires, but to no success.

Have I fried my motherboard with this mod or what's wrong?

I also accidentally cut one of the three tiny wires that goes from the controller-board to the fan, but soldiered it up afterwards. The fan is working, so it shouldn't be that, right? As the red wire should be the +5v?

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