Restoring a raw Dreamcast save to .vms

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Restoring a raw Dreamcast save to .vms

Post#1 » Thu Oct 20, 2022 6:19 pm

Back in 2000, I believe I used the Sega web browser to send myself a copy of my Soul Reaver save via email. I just now found this file and thought it would be fun to restore the save and play it, but the save is not in any sort of VMS or DCI format. The file itself is simply titled "SLREAVER.001". When I open the file to inspect it, it actually looks like the contents are encrypted, or at least it doesn't look similar to any other VMS files I have.

Is there any functioning tool out there to convert this to .VMS, or a working method to convert it? I've tried the following:
  1. Attempt to copy the file from an SD card to VMU via Dreamshell - the VMU Manager didn't recognize the file
  2. Boot the webbrowser using Flycast and send myself an email with the file - I haven't been able to find any pop servers that will work with the browser
  3. Use DC Save convertor 1.0 - I haven't been able to get this to run, even on a WinXP VM with .Net Framework 3.5 installed
  4. VMU Explorer - the tool doesn't recognize the file even if I change the file type.

I know it's easier to just download another save from the internet, but I've been working on a passion project of extracting all my save games to my Steam Deck, and this is one of the last few that I'm missing.


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Re: Restoring a raw Dreamcast save to .vms

Post#2 » Thu Oct 20, 2022 6:41 pm

It's already in the correct format for the VMU. VMS is literally just a file extension. You can rename it and add .VMS to the end of it and it'll be a VMS but it's only in that format for downloading from a web browser. The web browser will rename it to the correct filename before it copies it to the VMU. If the VMU manager isn't recognizing the file as-is then it's likely corrupted.
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Re: Restoring a raw Dreamcast save to .vms

Post#3 » Thu Oct 20, 2022 7:30 pm

Ah okay, bummer! I tried renaming to .vms and opening it in VMU Explorer and it caused it to crash, so I'm going to go with you that it's corrupted. Thanks!

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