Is my GD-ROM unit dead?

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Is my GD-ROM unit dead?

Post#1 » Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:40 am

I just took my dreamcast out and realized is not working anymore :(
The disc was spinning but not reading, so I decided to try to fix it using the "adjust the potentiometer" method.
Succesfully opened the console, and i think I actually broke the potentiometer itself.

I uploaded 2 images of the potentiometer, and it looks like the screw is broken (please see the second image for a side view).

Now the disc spins, but I cannot see any laser activity and I get the "Insert Disc Message".
Tried using an original game, and even an audio cd that should work, and no... it doesn't.

I would really like to make this beauty work, and I'll appreciate any help provided.


It'll be great if anyone can help me to understand if I indeed destroyed the potentiometer knob...

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