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Re: Dreamshell SD Card Adapter

Post#11 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 2:46 am

sundance wrote:
fafadou wrote:Be carrefull your sd card is formated fat 32, 64ko

My SD Card is formatted FAT32, with Cluster Size 32KB (not 64KB).
I found that most formatting utilities will use 32KB by default.

I tried 64KB too,
however, I found that my Dreamcast was becoming unstable, on almost every game.
A game that was so far fine would start, and then, at some random point, just reboot the console.
With 32KB cluster size, this never happens.
I suspect it could be related to RAM limitation : a Dreamcast only has 16 MB,
so if one starts to reserve an appreciable amount of RAM to buffer those clusters,
the game itself may be lacking resources it expects to work properly.
Also, I did not notice any appreciable benefit by moving to 64KB cluster size.

I'm surprised therefore that this is a recommended configuration.
I would expect anyone to meet exactly the same problem when trying 64KB cluster size.


I also have it my IDE HDD in 32k cluster config. because Dreamshell does not recognise the disc in 64k it does not boot. Anyway yesterday I found for. The first. Time a game freezes. No matter if GDI or CDI. I am having that 18 wheeler freezes in the 4th stage in the exactly same moment. Any suggestions?
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Re: Dreamshell SD Card Adapter

Post#12 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:25 am

Did you have try in opt ?
It looks it's the same issue than skies of arcadia intro...
Due to hdd overspeed.

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