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Any Dreamcast battery installers near Cleveland Ohio

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:04 am
by tripletopper
I got service from one dreamcast modder. I will not mention names but he’s the only one one Ebay with an ebay service unique to him. I didn’t take him up on it, but hired him for other things.

I notice ,before following a weird suggestion of using headlight de-yellower on my Dreramcast lens, I had issues with games going back to the OS option screen after the "authorized by Sega" screen. When I got my DC Back, within 2 days, it went BACK to doing that.

Just 2 days Ago I figured it out, and a mostly working band-aid is using a DC-X Foreign Game Adapter. It lets any Dreamcast play any other region’s Dreamcast games. It also goes a good job of Ignoring local security which causes more problems with legitimate software than it successfully stops unauthorized third party games and piracy. (ironically, most people who bought the genuine GD ROMs LOVED and STILL LOVE the Dreamcast, and most people who used pirated CD-ROMS HATED the Dreamcast. Ain’t nothing like the real thing!)

The good thing is he fixed my lens and he went above and beyond gave me a free fan and copy of Fruity.

The bad news is he returned it with only replacing the chemmed lens, but didn’t fix the iniital complaint about boot problems OR an extra payment for the Removable Disc Battery update. But the battery cost was included in the partial refund.

I promised I would remain ebay-silent because he went above and beyond the call of duty when not expected, and fell short on what was initially asked. If I could use his services again, I might be convinced to give him a second chance, except sending it to him JUST for the replaceable battery at $13 for the service, +15 shipping there, and $15 shipping back is not worth it for me if I send it with no compensation for sending it back without fixing 2 of the 3 issues I asked for, but I know it’s not worth it for him if he makes the battery mod free and that’s the only transaction.

I would go back to him except $30 in shipping for a $13 operation is a little ridiculous. If there’s someone closer to Cleveland Ohio who can do it for Dreamcast with a free local drop-off and pickup, I drive it there and have it done. And I’ll remain silent on Ebay,

Otherwise, He’d might be more wiling to more easily part with the return shipping or cost fo battery if he were to gain by it by me ordering more, and I am willing to spend more to get something free it it would help me in the long run and to mend fences.

1) Based on what describe, Is it a capacitor problem and can be more permanently fixed than keep using DC-X ?
2) If what would help the problem is a new BIOS, would there be any advantage to having it pre-installed over DC-X-ing it?
3) Is it worth $40-50 plus shipping both ways if the battery part and labor are given for free? Or is it an unnecessary operation for people who own DC-X?

By the way, I have a few questions about the battery mod. I’m questioning whether it’s necessary.

1) Do rechargeable disc batteries cost more than standard one
2) Does it need a special charger or does it get charged when the dreamcast is plugged?
3) Do I really need one because it remembered the system settings form long ago
4) Where do I get DC-rechargeable batteries in the local/online market?
5) Will they work on a Saturn too, or is the Saturn incapable of charging a disc battery internally.

Re: Any Dreamcast battery installers near Cleveland Ohio

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:36 am
by poopidoop
buy a 13 dollar soldering kit on amazon, take 5 minutes to get the hang of it with some junk board. solder it yourself like a champ. thats how i learned :).

Re: Any Dreamcast battery installers near Cleveland Ohio

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:53 am
by mistamontiel
Most people who burnt hate the cast lol?

Back in Dreamcast scene's beginnings certainly the CDIs were poorly crafted with zero optimizations

I think wouldn't be until 2009-2010 the turning point for CDIs like Xiaopang DCRes ReviveDC DCCM yzb NoBS that actually rival er 1:1 or even outdo the GD, just pop in PSOv2 some time :mrgreen: But really get it Sylverant service encourages to have your own SNAK (serial number+access key) and not from the net

Without burns there would be no sane PSOv2 loads no awesome emulator compilations no Bleem!s no homebrews no indie-titles really holding back the Dreamcast heck your DC-X is a CD guy