Solving the DMZ issue

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Solving the DMZ issue

Post#1 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:03 am

I heard according to pcwzrd13, that for the Dreamcast to work, you need a DMZ path straight to the dreamcast (or is that the DreamPi) Someone told me Netgear's combined gateways are no good. (it came with the DSL service) I heard you need a separate modem and router

I don't want to risk disabling the DSL just to get the Dreamcast up. So I got 2 questions.

1) I cant seem to find on ebay a separate DSL modem and a router. All I see in any store, and on ebay of all places, are combined gateways. Where can one find a separate DSL modem and router in 2018? How do I know it will work with Frontier or not? It seems like Frontier likes Netgear, and Dreampi hates it.

2) I was considering the possibility of using a (most likely) Sprint Wi Fi device to get internet on the road. I heard I could save money by using my Vonage as my phone, and an iPod as my computerize mobile device with iOS, which is basically an iPhone without a phone line, or an iPad but smaller and cheaper for a current model, (and no, I don't want to deal with Android) and using the Vonage App, so that solves my issue with the phone, plus I get network online, and HOPEFULLY I can get faster speeds at my house with Cellular.
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I know Sprint offers unlimited 3G, which is .5-5 Mb/s in .5-1 Mb/s out, which beats my DSL. And I know they offer "limited 4G, with 20 Mb/s In 10 Mb/s out". The main question is when you run out of 4G bits, do you AUTOMATICALLY drop down to 3G, or do you ONLY drop down to 3G if someone in the area still has premium 4G bits and there is congestion on the 4G tower? This is the difference between me signing up wholeheartedly, playing Xbox Live and streaming on Twitch, vs. using it as a road phone/internet only. If that's the case, based on my geography, give me the cheapest plan with the fewest guaranteed 4G bits.

Back to the Sprint Wi Fi and Dreamcast, most wifi devices do not have an Ethernet cable. My DreamPi, which is not a DreamPiWiFi, that I found by trading an extra Xbox 360 HD DVD player and a couple games for a Dreampi on, needs an ethernet cable.

First to clear something up, cellular is not satellite. It goes from tower to tower 100 meters above and along the ground, not 30,000 km into the sky then back down to earth. So ping shouldn't be an issue. Xbox and Nintendo say if you can't get good enough speed hard wired then cellular is a perfectly good gaming internet connection.

The issue is ethernet, can anyone recommend the cheapest Wireless N-to-Ethernet device that will work with Dreamcast plugged straight into the dreampi? Do you think THIS is a clever way of avoiding the issue of separate routers and modems?

I've seen one of these Chinese devices: Will this work, or do I have to shell out more money? I understand I have to buy a USB-to-AC power adapter to power the device.

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