dave mirra and next tetris - usb gdrom

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dave mirra and next tetris - usb gdrom

Post#1 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:10 pm

Hello. I have the usb gdrom installed on my dc and working fine for most part, but i've found 2 games that are giving me issues, and i would like to ask if anyone else can test them, so i can know if it's an issue with my usb gdrom or the games themselves. Dave Mirra Freestyle Bmx, i've tried both ntsc and pal, tosec and trurip, and no matter what it never boots and always goes back to the dreamcast menu. With the cdi versions i get mixed results, while it does boot, the music doesn't work correctly and at some point the games freezes. The next game that is giving me issues is "The Next Tetris", tried both ntsc and pal, tosec rips, and this game does boot but after the first videos it goes to a black screen and doesn't continue.
I haven't tried a cdi version of the game yet. Can more people try these games, please, i'd really like to understand if i'm the only one facing these issues. Thanks.

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