[USB GDROM] Troubleshooting & Firmware updates

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Re: [USB GDROM] Troubleshooting & Firmware updates

Post#241 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:34 pm

Awesome! Glad it works!
Not sure in those specific games what dump they used.

I'm wondering if you download code breakers and disc swap with 001 if that will fix that particular version

You can get code breakers from here if you are interested in trying
https://psopalace.sylverant.net/downloa ... mcast.html

I was curious to compare my versions with the ones on the list you provided. While I only picked a few to check all my MD5 hashes matched the files you showed me. It was several years ago but if memory servers me correctly I have a 2013 trurip set so I'm guessing those are trurip versions as well.

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