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Posted: Fri May 14, 2010 7:14 pm
by MikeStutzzzz
Gen Mobile by Hyperkin, games from AtGames i believe

Now the first thing you notice on this handheld is the box that its in. It is great looking. It has Sonic on the front tails in the back artwork everywhere. it shows all the games built in on the top and everything just flows nicely. The Box also is made of some pretty durable cardboard. It also opens up by a flap that is connected by magnets, very creative if i do say. If i was this company i would consider putting it in retailers. Now no i do not mean Gamestop. it would just be destroid if sent there. i mean CVS, Walgreen, Small stores like that. also maybe in Walmart Kmart Target etc.. Just no gamestop. now you may ask why? Because Kids WANT anything that looks good. if they would price it at $30 i believe it would sell nicely.

Console Comfort-10
With its small compact size it feels like an old gameboy advance and since it plays genesis games thats what it practically is. It also had built in rechargeable battery that makes it smaller.

Now this is where it is hurting. The first and worse flaw is the D-Pad its like an old playstation controllers one, but worse. this basically mean no fighting games since its hard to aim in diagonals. if it had the dreamcast dpad (the best one) that would have been a better choice. the only other serious mistake is where the reset button is. if you quickly move to the up dpad you may hit it on accident :( besides that the volume control should be either on top or bottom not on the side

It is well built except for the fact the pack of it is a thin layer of plastic. and since its hard to rip the games out this could be a future problem

Now its not perfect with all games. from what i can see the games included run perfectly fine. Now some games you put in the system may have a slowdown. But to cancel that out, if one of your games work in the genesis 50% of the time. in the genmobile it works 90% of the time, i have biohazard and is always causing me trouble. but on the genmobile i just blow on it put it in good to go. the sound also seems to be fine. but its mono, if you stick in earbuds sounds a bit better. Now the only flaw that i consider serious is the fact that Sonic and Knuckles is included but if you stick in sonic 2 only sonic 2 starts up not knuckles in sonic 2. i am unable to test if u put sonic and knuckles with another sonic if it works.

now im not going to say everyone go out and buy this, but since its nice to take your genny games anywhere its good to have. the only thing nomad had for it was its second controller port and dpad. if you like to play genesis games i would recommend getting this even though the price is $50. But if you ask me its a $50 well spent. think a random company is making money of genesis games again. WRONG! Genmobile is offically liscensed by SEGA it was copyrighted in 2009. so if you buy one of these you are also supporting sega now.