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ENSLAVED: Odysee to the West Review

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:25 am
by DCUltrapro
A fantastic Single Player experience for true gamers

So here is a truly beautiful and exciting single player experience. It makes a wonderful change to see such an amazing game focus purely on the experience for the solo gamer. I've noticed a trend of late where the campaign is often left seriously lacking in favor of the multi-player component. I'm accusing ALL the Call of Duty games and the recent Halo entries, purely because the campaign has been too short and severely lacking in content, and in the case of cod it also ALWAYS lacks the option for co-op online play through the campaign.

Anyway enough moaning from me! If you liked the recent Prince Of Persia where you team up with the wonderful female character you'll love this game.

Spoliers here in!!

Story summary:
The story is fairly simple, you play Monkey, a hulking powerhouse of a man who wakes up to find himself in a capsule onboard a prisoner transport ship. As he begins to try to struggle free in vain he sees a female prisoner escape from her pod and proceed to hack the ship to find a way off the vessel. Something goes wrong and Monkeys pod is thrown free and he is able to break out. The first chapter is all based on the ship while its in the air on its way to its destination and you have to escape in time before it crashes.

The way the first section plays out is very impressive, I found the game to be incredibly cinematic and refreshingly challenging yet not too hard so as to make me pull my hair out. The gameplay does mimic prince of persia at times but the combat is much deeper and there is a lot of customisation to be had in later levels. The best part of the first chapter I thought was the section where you are outside on the ship as it breaks apart, you can see in the distance a fast approaching building that its going to impact with and you become deeply invested in the action as you try to save yourself from the innevitable crash.

The world of the game is a gorgeous overgrown post apocalyptic USA landscape. Its pretty much barren apart from the constant waves upon waves of MECHS that are intent on killing you but it is beautiful nonetheless and looks incredible, I'm actually amazed that the 360 can handle such a game but it does it perfectly.

The main plot point of the game is that Monkey and Trip escape together rather by flook more than anything, and when Monkey wakes up he finds that Trip has "Enslaved" him (via a slave headband) so that he must do her bidding, and he cannot harm her in anyway. We soon find out that she does this to him more out of her own survival instinct than for any malicious purpose. Needless to say if Monkey disobeyes or tries to injure Trip he will experience incredible pain and should she die he will die as well.

So the point of the game is that the two characters fates are tied together and you have to protect her whatever the cost. You can command her around to keep her out of trouble or to assist you in certain ways but mainly the progression of the game follows Monkey thanks to his incredible strength and agillity. The gameplay has some wonderful mechanics and the combat is slick, fast and suitably action packed.

Overall my experience thus far has been one of utter wonder and amazement at the incredible graphics, wonderful voice acting and facial expressions. I feel that both Monkey and Trip could be almost real people experiencing this story together somewhere and the bond they build will warm your heart, this is the main selling point of the game for me, the fact that the relationship between the two grows throughout the game.

If you long for a wonderful, thought provoking, beautiful and well made single player campaign game that has lots of action and some truly incredible production values this game should be first on your list. It puts the single player experiences of most other next gen games to shame.