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Zia and the Goddesses of Magic

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:09 am
by mazonemayu

Gameplay & Story

We are given the classic rpg story here: the world is going to hell coz of a demon and a child needs to do the fighting & saving, learning magic along her way...why you ask? Because it works; it has been & will forever be the only story I need to get me started on this type of game :lol:

As far as gameplay is concerned, it all works like any other old school rpg, you have your overworld to explore, with caves, dungeons & the occasional puzzle to solve, visit towns, talk to people, perform little tasks in order for the story to proceed, etc...

Controls also are what they should be, an action button to talk to people, activate switches, do stuff in your inventory, etc...a jump button and obviously a button to activate your menu.

Battles are turn based and spells are cast by making button combinations (eg: X+B+B+B = fire), beware though: while doing a combination, it needs to be entered correctly or you will just do a physical attack which will do far less damage, as casting spells is what it's all about, if you press a wrong button there's no way to correct it in that turn. There are 11 spells to master in total which cover most of the basic elements and then some...

Experience is gained by killing monsters, but this doesn't automatically level you up. You need to go to the menu and add the points you gained to the specific ability you want to level up yourself (I like this part).

The battle & levelling system up system are all very basic, but they get the job done so...


Sprites galore!!! Who doesn't love em :mrgreen: . Everything looks very bright and cute and there's some animation as well: the lava bubbles, there's fog in certain places, you see dust flying around when you're in the desert, birds flying over the port town, etc...
The animation of the spells is ok as well, nothing fancy but it's all pretty solid.


The sound effects are spot on, the fire spell it sounds like actual fire crackling, the hell spell sounds like something straight from another plane, etc... The music is awesome imo, not in a layer upon layer awesome kind of way, but some parts of the soundtrack actually made me feel like I was playing Golvellius, which imho has an awesome soundtrack. That combined with the sprites worked just perfect for me. Also the battle music didn't become boring after hearing it for the 20th time ;)


It's an rpg...I think that's all I need to say :lol:


I'm giving it a 7 because it is short, I finished it in 6 hours, if it were longer I had given it an 8, but that does not mean it is not worth playing, the game has a lot going for itself: it looks, sounds & plays good, the menu & levelling up system is basic but decent. But the most important thing imo is that Orion has created a decent engine for this type of game, I hope the next one is more action oriented like Golvellius or Golden Axe Warrior (hint :lol:).