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Kao The Kangaroo

Post#1 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:01 am

Holy shit...this game is bad. I hate it so much. When i got the DC some time ago i knew what i was getting into. A great system with a line up of oh-so sweet games that i couldn't wait to get my hands on...that was a few weeks ago of course and i still don't regret buying it. With my DC i got over 100 games, some games and some emulators. The one game i remember seeing was kao the kangaroo and it caught my attention because it sounded like an adventure type of game, and i was right! Now then lets talk about the game itself.

So you put in the game and you start it up and what do you see...Titus...if anyone here knows this company they will know this is the same company that made Superman for the N64. (or Superman64 as people call it) Remember that shitfest? Anyone that i know that bought the game when they were younger said they hated it and wished it was never made, not to mention a few of my friends even burned it or tossed it in a sewer, one of my friends even buried it in the ground. Back to the game.

You start it up, you see the shitty Titus logo, and your taken to the main menu and your greeted by an ok title screen...and thats it. Wheres the music? Did they forget to add it? Or is this Kao the kangaroo for the deaf? After looking around i just found out that the music was muted sorta like the game saying that the music was so bad it had to hide it from me. So now the music is on...ok the game was right, back to mute u go.

So now we start the game and were in the jungle. The attacks suck ass, you can punch and use a tail attack. I prefer the tail attack for the reach so i only see the point of the punching as trying to be cute. You have another attack where u toss your boxing glove or something but you only have one of those to start, you have to find more of these boxing glove tokens to be able to do more of those special attacks. It wouldn't be so bad if getting them wasn't a fucking choir!

How do you get them you say? Oh easy, you just have to go out of your way to get them. How out of the way you ask? Well in level 2 you have to jump on floating platforms to get it but see the thing is that it takes so much time to get it that your better off just advancing through the stage instead of wasting your time jumping for something your not going to use much. Well i didn't, the enemies were never really out of my reach to the point where i thought i could use them at least. Maybe its just me but i say, have special just there...maybe put a charge meeter or something.

So attacks are out of the way. Oh i was talking about level one wasn't I? I guess the crap-factor of the game tossed me off there for a paragraph or 2, but theirs just one more thing i must nitpick, the enemies. There so basic, so boring, so not original like spiders, bugs, birds and many more lame things you have seen in video games 1000 times! Now back to level one

What can i say but it sucks...its a jungle that's about it. You walk through it, you get to the end, weeee!, next level. I mean nothing exiting happens, theirs nothing that makes you want to win this level its just you getting to the end. Remember sonic for the genesis where you ran passed each level so you can get that much closer to beating robotnic or something as modern as LIMBO for the 360 arcade? They make you play the levels because you have a reason to get to the end, you have a goal that you want to achieve, but in this game its just get there...fun....

So lets say you make it passed level one, well onto level 2 of course! So whats next, more jungle right? maybe we will go deeper into the jungle and get into swampland or something that would be a step up...LMAO i crack myself up sometimes, oh silly me mistaking this for a good game. No, instead level 2 has you jumping on floating platforms...ya that's level 2. Jump on platforms and get to the end. And theirs a lot! so much that i wanted to just turn off the game and play some sonic, but i held together and played...it hurt but i did.

FINALLY after jumping passed these floating platforms you think your done...no! after you hit a switch you have just a bit more to do. Fuck you game for tricking me. So then level 3 comes and i took one shot at it, and turned it off. I was to bored by this point and i just didn't care what happened. So now comes the section where i give a quick little thought to stuff i didnt mention here

Coins: you collect 50 and get a life meaning you get to play the game longer....yay...

Bonus stages: Go here to get stuff like tokens for more super punches and even more coins for even more lives so you can play this game EVEN FUCKING LONGER....YAY!!!...(sarcasm rules)

The map screen to pick your level: Lame...dull...puts you to sleep.

The way it controls: actually its very nice, Easy to move and everything...to bad this is the only highlight.

So this was my review on Kao the kangaroo. I hope you enjoyed this little review and i hope to make many more, assuming people like this one and want to see another like it. Here is my final scores for this game

Sound: 2 (boing....boing....boing...punch-punch....boing...boing...)

Music: 1 (unless on mute, then it becomes a 9)

Gameplay: 3 (Its an adventure game yes...but its sooooo boreing)

Graphics: 5 (It was colorful and looked nice, i mean it wasn't anything to get braggy about but it was colorful at least)

Replay value: 0 (if i don't want to play it even before beating the game...ya)

Overall: 3 (To exited in you life? This game will make sure that exiting life of yours comes to a dead halt. It eats excitement and craps out pure boredom)


Edit: Guess what, i beat it...still nothing good.
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Re: Damaster4u Reviews: Kao the kangaroo

Post#2 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:41 am

Kao the Kangaroo is a poor mans Rayman. Nice graphics, shame about the game.

I think you made a good job of describing just how bad it really is.

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Re: Kao The Kangaroo

Post#3 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:27 pm

On a side note, this game is expensive now. I looked it up on eBay and only found 1 title for sale that worked on my U.S. Dreamcast, and it was $50. All of the other titles were PAL only. After reading this I have decided to use that $50 for Power Stone. It makes me wonder how many copies of this were produced. Or maybe there are no titles to sell because everyone destroyed them.

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