Skies Of Arcadia

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Skies Of Arcadia

Post#1 » Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:39 am

All i have to say is wow this game took me forever to beat. it deserves a seccond playthrough though. first time i beat it i played the pal one with codes because it seemed so hard to me. but after that i beat the U.S. one no problem. good story line, the ending was rediculus and all in all deserves a sequel.

Positives :D
Length (the perfect size not rediculusly long or short)
Graphics (Great the weapons change god i love that)
Style (by that i mean how you upgrade and stuff)

Negatives (yes i found some)
The largest one i have is after you beat the final ship battle you get a captains stripe whats the point?

No continuation , would love to play with different custumes,

In order to get final cupil you need to use downloadable content. which makes me confused because where they just too lazy to put that island in the game or whats the deal?
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Re: skies or arcadie Us Version

Post#2 » Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:01 pm

... which makes me confused because where they just too lazy to put that island in the game or whats the deal?

the island were always in-game, you need to dwld only few bytes to unlock it. there's no space in vmu to download something big as a complete scenery.

anyway, its a great game, but not perfect.

good speed, there's always something catching attention

low detailed maps, the "world" is too small

i think it could have deeper strategy in ship battles, specially at yafutoma... so many ships, so much excitement, for a single ship battle...
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