Help Connecting DreamPi to Internet

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Help Connecting DreamPi to Internet

Post#1 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:01 am

Hi! I'm a noob here (with both the Dreamcast and DreamPi in general). I know this is a common problem, so I apologize if this isn't the best way to go about getting help or if this is a super redundant post.

1.) I just hooked up the DreamPi and originally tried to connect to my 2.4GHz Wifi but unable to get 2 green lights on the DreamPi. Not the end of the world, I went ahead and connected it via ethernet. Got 2 green lights! My next issue is:

2.) I booted up web browser 2.0, filled out the proper info in the settings of 2.0 - phone 111-1111, ID dream, password dreamcast, both DNS It is now telling me "Unable to contact host. Could not look up its name." I bought PSO but it's not in yet, so I'm unable to test this with any online game.

I'd appreciate any advice! I'm such a noob, but I'm really looking forward to playing online with you all :D

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Re: Help Connecting DreamPi to Internet

Post#2 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:12 am

About the Pi on wifi, you can look up just about any guide on the net. Its still a normal Pi "how to connect Raspberry Pi to wifi"

I think the web browser is trying to go to or whatever the homepage was back in the day, nothing you can do about that except use an updated browser called XDP

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About PSO, You have to use a boot disc with the Original disc or what is recommended is to burn one that's already patched, It plays better then the actual GDROM.

BootDisc is here:

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PSO DC Ives Pack 2.0

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This is my second pack of fast loading PSO DC discs that can automatically connect to the Sylverant server. A set of USv1, USv2, and USv2 EP CDI files is included. The PSO Ver.2 discs included in this release are the first PSO Ver.2 discs ever to be free of the freezing problems that have plagued all earlier releases of the game!

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