Improving game scheduling and communication - ideas.

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Re: Improving game scheduling and communication - ideas.

Post#11 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:39 pm

I mostly use, pcwzrd13's schedule (although the last time I managed to play on a UK's Sunday was quite long ago) and the chat on the forum. I'm not a big fan of Discord but I find the one of DC-Talk very enjoyable.

I don't know if it's a European thing or just something typically French but I have the feeling each Dreamcast enthusiast tries to create his own little online community that only last a couple of month and then fades away. In France we had the X-Community forum, later DCman and its Discord (still very active but it seems to become more about the "man" than the DC...). A little group on the Darius-saturn forum got his hand on Xrider's custom made BBA so I guess we'll see new players on PSO, Quake III and other Toy Racers. But for how long?

My biggest regret is that only a few refer to DC-talk as a great place in order to meet other players...

I guess we lack a truly European pcwzrd13 ! A guy willing to communicate on various forums, discords etc and ready to spend some times scheduling gaming events. Thanks for your dedication pc ! ;)
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Re: Improving game scheduling and communication - ideas.

Post#12 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 3:31 am

It is a lot of words I am typing as I am rushing this, so sorry for typos, bad wording or poor is 3:30am.

I believe that maybe "they" could do what DC-Talk does, link to Dreamcast Live, which is well organized by PCwzrd13 of Dreamcast Live. If any outside North American community can do this, they should. Maybe even reach out and do a co-op schedule with PCwzrd13 on Dreamcast Live. I really believe it is best to have a central link as opposed to 1,000 different Dreamcast websites to go to with islands of online gaming...hope this makes sense. Kind of like going to Nintendo for all things "Nintendo". Easy for me to to say but it is all realistically I can come up with. At home and work, I call this a "one-stop" for online DC gaming (DC Live).

As far as Dreamcast-Talk is concerned, PCwzrd13 is one of the moderators but Impulse is the creator and main host for this site and Mechanic is the Dreamcast-Talk host for Quake 3 on Fridays (Fragging Friday) as well as weekend afternoon gaming in the USA. This is not to put any disclaimer on PCwzrd13, in fact it is his Dreamcast Live site that is the easiest to obtain online information, DreamPi hardware, software, contests and the online schedule as well as great YouTube content on his Dreamcastic Channel for things such as "Dreamcast: The Games That Never Were", "First Look" and other interesting content.
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Re: Improving game scheduling and communication - ideas.

Post#13 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:12 pm

deluxux wrote:I'm sorry the post you wrote got deleted! That's happened to me before now i copy and paste before i click the draft or submit button.

I think all players need to go back to lobby after each "match" "level" "race" to check for other players, if you have a full room check DCNOW in the least, maybe someone is in lobby we can split up so everyone can play.

I think the random games on wednesdays is kinda lame, who is online Wednesday and what do they want to play maybe set a poll weekly?

I think DMZ/PF is a huge issue with getting more players on, not only do you need to get a computer just for the Dreamcast and modify a USB modem now you need to mess with the internet settings and the console settings if you are used to the ps4 it's a culture shock.

I wanted to chime in and say I like the idea if everyone going back to the lobby after a match ( though some games do this already). Though my free time is very limited these days I try to play with the new guys I see online on game nights.

DMZ unfortunately is the number one problem we have. I'm not sure where everyone gets their dreampi info from, so it may be worth asking them how they found out about dreamcast online. I think also the average user probably has no idea what DMZ is.

One wish list item for dreamcast now would be if the pi could send a flag out saying certain ports aren't open indicating that user isnt dmzd maybe? Then when they log in on dc now and see the "not dmzd flag" it can take them to information on how to fix the issue.

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