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Re: daytona usa online question

Post#11 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:17 pm

Btw did a nice find just know.. I was researching VMU key files...
Source :!topic/

Well, I had to do some VMU file re-arranging today, and that included
deleting my Daytona Battle Key. Well, after re-downloading a new key, I
noticed that my old character name, GoodCow, was "already registered." =(
So, I guess I just learnt that the server attaches user names, directly to
the key file ID number, which by the way, is generated on the fly by the
server. I had thought that it tied user names to the " user name"
which was just in the battle key. But, I guess it doesn't work that way.
Maybe the wins and losses are stored in the battle key file as well? So, a
word of "warning" is that if you ever delete your Daytona battle key, your
user names are gone. When you download a new key, since it'll have a new
"key ID" (currently at 20,465), it won't have your old user name data in it.

Only 20,465 people have downloaded keys. That's pretty sad. Also, the server
deletes old keys I believe every Saturday.: ... a/crontest
# cron daytona [1 record]
# server name :
# for remove VMS and VMI files
# Sunday - Saturday, 00:37, EXECUTION
37 00 * * * /home/daytona/site/htdocs/key/vm_data/data/ >>

Anything important in this post? Not really. But if anybody makes some
extremely comprehensive Dreamcast and/or Dreamcast online FAQ, this would
make for a nice tid-bit in the Daytona section.

*GoodCow who has saved his new generated on-the-fly battle key to his HD as
well for the future, in case I ever need to delete the key again*


GoodCow =)
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