A possible cure for all Dreamcast discs crashing

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A possible cure for all Dreamcast discs crashing

Post#1 » Sat May 18, 2019 11:29 pm

I was playing my Dreamcast, and notice some problems, like every game got to the "Automatic Dreamcast License Screen" (the screen the Unauthorized ones have to fake by showing and adding an extra graphic saying something like "NOT AUTHORIZED BY SEGA, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" to get around security) and then would go back to the Main OS options screen.

There was no rhyme or reason to which games were effected by the error. I want through the games in reverse ABC order, and some games loaded first time. Others I tried twice so I segregated.

I further separated them between the "no load after security screen" issue and other issues which were causing strange disc noises and just hung up after the security screen.

Well I went back, and tried to load the discs by first inserting DC-X, the foreign disc player, before loading the problem disc, and the ones that reset to the options screen played perfectly fine after loading the DC-X disc.

So I think my issue is the security reader. Have I diagnosed it correctly? Would an "ultra mod" fix the issue permanently? Are there any negative consequences for loading an American game on an American console using a DC-X or is it exactly the same as reading normally except bypassing security? Is it necessary if I have a DC-X disc.

On the DC-X disc there are 2 settings, VGA/Scart/Composite, (I wonder where S-Video and NTSC RF would fall) and 60 Hz/50 HZ ( I can’t tell whihc setting is which one is a box, the other is a black bar across the screen

Maybe you still need the universal mod for other issues like universally movable VMUs, MIL-CD playback.

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