What opr where is my problem

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What opr where is my problem

Post#1 » Wed May 15, 2019 6:02 pm

First of all, all of this is trying to connect to a web page on the Planet Web browser, so I'm seeing if I can connect BEOFRE I worry about gaming.

I tried using a Oream Pi wired and the modem lights didn't go on on the USB dial Up modem. Then I tried Wireless via ethernet bridge and the modem lights didn't go on.

All the time I got errors of no dial tone.

I plugged the Dreampi Modem into my Macintosh USB and both lights flashed and one went solid on, to see if it was a defective DreamPi modem.

I checked to see if I can access Metconnect via my Vonage Voip. I know ping will be murder, but right now I want to make sure I can get websites. If it got it here, but not on the Dreampi then there's something wrong with the DreamPi

Still got a No Dial Tone error.

Today, I got in the mail another Dreamcast Modem, and repeated the process over again.

No dial tone in any way.

One thing I noticved is I need a non-standard Modem code to get it to work with Vonage, so I'll have to call up again and find out.

I can't think what the problem is. The only thing left is a problem with the Dreamcast itself.

I had it recently repaired by a technician to fix the lens. Could he have done something wrong to ruin it.

He also changed fans for free without asking me. Somewhere in that work, could he may have accidentally disconnected the modem port?

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